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FO: Lacey Cabled Sweater Dishcloths

After all my setbacks, and all my bitching (not really online, but to all my friends and loved ones) about these washcloths, they are finally done!

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Lacey Cabled Sweater Washcloth by Heidi Sunday

Yarns (from L to R): Sugar ‘n Cream in Key Lime Pie, Sugar ‘n Cream in Lime(?), Knitting Fever King Tut, Knit One Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton, Red Heart Creme de la Creme

Needles: US4 and US6.

Mods: I started out using larger needles, 5s and 7s,  the pattern calls for 6s and 8s, but I knit loose.  My washcloth made of Sugar ‘n Cream ended up 10″ across, including the arms.  Huge.  I went down another needle size.  I also removed two seed stitches off of each side of the sweater.  I also made sure to bind-off tightly across the neck and shoulders.  This helps it keep its shape a little better.  And it doesn’t need to go over anyone’s head, so tight is okay.

These washcloths are for the Annual Dishcloth Swap on Ravelry.  The deadline to get them in has been pushed back to Sept. 8, so you still have time to get yours in!  There is a size requirement of over 6″x6″ and no larger than 9″x9″.  This is a pretty broad range, but I was worried about getting my Sugar ‘n Cream ones under 9″.  Those sleeves add 1″ on either side!

I would still recommend the pattern.  It’s a fair amount of work for a dishcloth, but I think it’s worth it.  It would be a good project to learn a lot of new skills.  There is ribbing, cables, some lace, and picking up stitches.  I wish it had been charted out.  I thought about charting it because I made six washcloths, but I never got around to it.  If someone begs me, I’ll do it for them though.

Maybe I wouldn’t make another one in variegated yarn.  It is a little much, but I don’t hate it.  I hope it goes to someone who loves crazy patterning!

This one is my favorite:

Oh, and also.  Although I like how the Creme de la Creme yarn turned out, it was the worst ball of yarn ever!  The first half of the ball had two knots and three spots were the yarn was torn and I needed to cut it apart.  Very disappointing.

I got a lot of pretty ones last year.  I need to integrate dishcloths/washcloths into my life because these are too nice to be sitting in a linen closet!  From the 2011 swap:

And these are the ones that I sent.  I still like them, but I feel kind of bad about them.  They are a little bit crazy.  I was trying out a stitch pattern from Lynne Barr’s Reversible Knitting book (Just noticed that it is bargain priced, and this book is so cool!).

Sometimes I need to stop trying something new and just knit a really cute existing pattern!  Right now I’m trying to make up a pattern for a tiny knit Obama, and it is taking me awhile.  I just want to knit something straight from a pattern without futzing with it!

Anyone else knitting or crocheting washcloths for the swap?





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