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Friday Fail?

I’ve been knitting like a fiend for the Ravellenic Games.  I picked a stranded shift dress to complete during the 16 days.  I knit up my swatch and was ready to go for the Olympic opening ceremonies.  I was making fairly good progress.  At Stitch ‘n’ Bitch the Monday before last, I made a flip comment about how I should probably recheck my gauge, but that I wasn’t going to do it.  Mostly I didn’t want to find a tape measure.  This is something I do all the time.  Not necessarily not check gauge, but pick the hardest route, but just out of laziness.  Like when I don’t want to stand up and go across the room to get a darning needle, so I use my knitting needles in a roundabout way of threading through stitches.  I would say that I am notorious for this behavior, but to be notorious, other people would probably have to take note of it.  I do tend to make my life harder just out of dislike for an easy small action.

The dress was looking good, no?:

The pattern is the Sparkle! Dress by Shirley Paden.  I am knitting it in Knit Picks Telemark, in Fjord Heather and Black.  It is supposed to be a sport weight yarn, but really feels thicker than that to me.

Fast forward to Wednesday (6 days into the Games) at midnight.  I decide to try this little puppy on.  And it is gigantic!  My gauge was crazy off.  Like each repeat should be 7 inches, and I was closer to 9!  I don’t know what happened!  Well, I only did a small gauge swatch and I never checked on my progress, so that could be it.  I spent a long time that night brainstorming how to salvage my progress.  I could make it a skirt with a slit, and cut out the extra.  I could make it a big puffy skirt.  I could cut it open and make it a baby blanket.  I could find another project to do for the Ravellenic Games and put this shit behind me.

(Notice how big this is?!  And this is even over a denim skirt!)

My gauge was so off, that I wasn’t sure going down needle sizes would help me much.  And I knew that if I was going to start over there was no way I would keep as many stitches.  I ripped the whole thing out, and started over.  I went down one needle size, and also cut out an entire repeat.  40 stitches less each round.  I am now starting the armholes.  I can’t be sure this isn’t going to be a real mess.  But at this point, worst case scenario, I just cut off the top and it will be a knit skirt.  That sounds doable.  It seems unlikely that I will finish on Sunday, but you never know.  I’ll post an update next week and let you know if I made it on time.

Are you going to finish by the closing ceremonies?



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