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FO: Maribelle

Something’s finished!

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Mirabelle by Corrina Ferguson

Yarn: KnitWhits Freia Handpaints Ombre Lace, less than one skein.

Needles: US 6, 4.00mm

Start Date: October 27, 2014

Finish Date: November 15, 2014

The colors are really much more vibrant in real life.  The green color is very jewel-toned.  I have to figure out what color to photograph this with to make it really pop.

The pattern is very adjustable.  You just keep knitting as long as you want and then start the applied edging.  I wanted to use up as much yarn as I could.  I weighed it religiously.  I deduced that it would take about 10 grams of yarn for my edging, so I kept knitting until I got close to that.  The main problem is that I wanted to end at the same row in the pattern repeat as in the pattern.  I ended up with 12 grams of yarn left.  It would have been nice to have gotten closer, but it still ended up a pretty good size.  And now I am realizing that I should have measured how big the shawl is for you.  I have specific yarn usage counts on my Ravelry page.  The resulting shawl is asymmetrical but generally a triangle shape.

Now when I look at these pictures all I can see is one weird wonky stitch.  I don’t know what happened.  Maybe I can move the yarn around in the stitches so that it isn’t as obvious.

The stitch pattern has cables in it and I like how it creates a contrast between the lacy parts and the thicker cabled sections.  It also has a cool directional pattern to it.

It was a nice little project!  The yarn was great (if a little expensive… :)).  I am loving gradients right now.

I am now alternating working pieces of my Christmas sweater and knitting smaller projects.  I have finished the front and one sleeve of The Perfect Christmas Jumper:

I am mostly done with a Knotted Pine hat.  I am a fairly monogamous knitter but there are so many projects I want to start!  I will make myself do a second sleeve of my sweater before I get to start another small project.  I am planning on just doing the ribbing on the back piece and then using my Mom’s knitting machine for the rest of the back piece when I go home.  Fingers crossed I can finish that much of the sweater before I go home!

No knitted gifts for me this year, I think!  Are you furiously knitting gifts for all your friends?


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FO: Lyra shawl

I’ve been holding on to this one for a while.  Last year I was the recipient of a random drawing prize from the Indie Design Gift-a-Long.  It was two skeins of Yarn Sisters Black Pearl yarn.  It is made of 50% pearl / 50% Tencel.  Yes, actual pearls!  Pearl dust (?) is bonded to the Tencel fibers.  It makes for a lustrous yarn with a slight crunchy feel while knitting.

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Lyra by Herbert Niebling

Yarn: The Yarn Sisters Black Pearl, laceweight in Crystal White, a little less than one “skein”.

Needles: 2.75mm and 3.25mm

Start Date: April 19, 2014

Finish Date: July 10, 2014

I had been wanting to knit a Niebling pattern for a long time.  I love the look of these lace pieces, even if they are a little doily-like.  The initial plan was to knit this as a wedding veil.  Now I am just calling it a shawl.  Maybe eventually it will have another use.

There are several different shapes in the pattern: a pentagon, a circle or an octagon.  Well, technically the pattern doesn’t say how to make the octagon, but it is pictured on the pattern available from LACIS.  Mine is the circle.  I thought about doing the octagon, but thought I was going to run out of yarn.  And then I had a ton of yarn left over!

I mostly followed the pattern, but another Raveller (who used to translate Niebling patterns for the LACIS museum) posted a modified chart that avoids some of the binding that can happen at parts of the shawl.  The new chart adds extra stitches so the pattern isn’t stretched as much when blocked out into a circle.

I also added some beads on to the edge.  They are TOHO size 6/0 seed beads in Colonial grey/blue.  The edging is made with a crochet hook, so I added a bead onto the single crochet stitch that connects the chain to the live stitches and onto the 6th chain of the loop.

Partway through the bind-off I ran out of beads.  And then no suppliers carried the same color!  I got kind of frantic but then eventually found some at a random store online.  It felt so urgent at the time, but then I just put it away for five months anyway!

I want to get some more pictures but that will have to wait for another time.  I haven’t measured it, but it probably has a diameter of 5 feet.  Now I have to decide what to make with the other half of the yarn!

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FO: Tulip Dreams Shawl

Awhile ago I got really obsessed with Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn.  It’s a fingering weight cotton yarn made up of four threads (not plied together).  After a long section, one thread is changed to another color until the yarn is entirely a second color.  Each 100 gram skein has three solid colors in it and transitional sections too of course.  The owner, Elisabeth, has a very popular Etsy store.  It used to be one of those stressful situations where you needed to know when she would update the store and then frantically try to buy things before everything was sold out.  I guess that can be fun, but it’s not really my thing.  More recently she has been taking pre-orders.  And it is a much smoother system.  She’ll announce on the Ravelry group which colorways she will be putting together.  And then you just need to email her with your order before she sells out.  I haven’t been right on top of it and I’ve still been able to get something.  It works out better for buyers because it’s less frantic, and I’m sure it helps Elisabeth because she doesn’t have to pay the Etsy commissions.  All of this is to say that my stash of these yarns was growing even though I hadn’t made anything out of the yarn yet!

Cue the Tulip Dreams shawl!:

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Tulip Dreams by AnneLena Mattison from The Sock Report 2012, which I love everything in!

Yarn:  Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton in Purple Almond, 100grams plus 15ish grams of extra purple.

Needles: US5

Start Date: July 26, 2013

Finish Date: August 11, 2013

Mods: Not much.  On Chart 2, some of the cables were written to finish as K2P2 (for example, I don’t remember if that is exactly right) but I did them as just all knits.  The next rows would have knits above them and it seemed smoother to start knitting at the cables instead of purling.

I was worried about how the cotton yarn would block out.  I am used to doing lace on wool yarn.  I did knit the shawl on a larger needle than I would have normally.  I knew I wouldn’t get much stretch out of the final piece.  The yarn blocked nicely.  It kind of has a crisp cotton feel to it.  The yarn was nice to knit with.  It is fairly easy to split the yarn though since it is not plied together.  You just need to be a little more vigilant while knitting.

I did find myself somewhat hesitant about the colors in this yarn.  I didn’t love the starting brown/green color.  And the delineation when it transitions into the next color wasn’t my favorite.  I think this kind of yarn is best served in a lace pattern.  See how sharp the lines are on the stockinette portions of the shawl?  The transitions in the lace get hidden a little bit so it seems a little more organic.  Though I have seen beautiful Citrons knit in this yarn.  Also, the more the colors stay in the same color family the smoother the transitions.  Maybe that is an obvious statement.  I have a crazy skein of this that goes from navy to white to red.  That one may be a little tricky.

This is my EpicKalCal project #7.

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FO: Colvert Cowl

My Jazzercise mentor Linda is really awesome and has been super helpful to me this last year.  I decided to make her a cowl for Christmas.  I used one of my most recently purchased yarns for it.

Rav page here.

Pattern: Colvert by KatyTricot

Yarn: Twist Icicle, 95% baby llama, 5% stellina, about 200 yds of worsted

Needles: US 8 circulars

Start Date: December 21, 2012

Finish Date: December 25, 2012

Mods: none.  I bound off purlwise.  It wasn’t specified in the pattern.  I blocked the points of the cowl out, though they didn’t really stay that way.  The yarn is pretty loose and drapey.

These infinity cowls are nice because you can wear them like a long loop or doubled up.  Some versatility.  Here’s a close-up of the sparkles:

I hope that Linda will wear it.  I made her a shawl when I was first certified.  She seemed to really like it, but I’ve never seen her not in aerobics clothes.  Oh, that shawl was during my huge blog break, so here it is:

It is the Winterthaw pattern, and my rav page is here.

I am excited to do a photo wrap-up post of my holiday vacation.  Maybe once I get all my pictures uploaded.


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Catching up on projects

Jill P.:

Everytime I think about blogging I feel bad that it’s been so long, but then I feel overwhelmed about what I’m going to show.  It becomes this horrible cycle of guilt and continual non-posting.  But finally, I’m getting to it.

I’ve been keeping on schedule with knitting a pair of socks a month.  These are the pairs that I knit in July and August.  First up is the Spot Check Socks from Knitting Socks from Handpainted Yarn designed by Beth Parrott.

Mine are a little more subdued than the ones shown in the book.  I think I like that the look is subtle.  Also, these are the only yarns I had in the stash that worked together.  The blue is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Navy and the green is Claudia Handpaints in the Jungle colorway.  This was for the Sock Knitters Anonymous colorwork challenge in July.  The pattern is stranded, but alternating every stitch, so very simple.  I used the medium size for my size 8 1/2 feet.  Very comfortable.

Next, were also for the SKA July challenge, but finished in August.  The challenge was knitting a pattern by a SKA member.  I chose the Bacchus socks by Alice Bell.  These were in Interweave Knits, Fall 2008.  I used ShibuiKnits Sock in Taupe.

Being shown with a view of my parents’ backyard in Washington.  I was very happy with how these turned out.  Baby’s first bobbles. I was worried they would be too bulky in shoes, but I wore them with Converse with no problems.  My second skein of yarn was slightly different from the first, even though they were the same dyelot.  It had little spots of brown on it.  When you look at that sock close-up, it kind of looks like dirt.  As always, I find projects with elaborate charts addicting.  You can’t stop at the end of a repeat, you have to keep on going!

I was visiting my parents because I went to my high school reunion.  I was pretty nervous about going.  I was never very popular.  Somewhere in the middle I guess.  I ended up getting kind of defensive and extremely jokey-jokey.  I could feel myself being obnoxious but couldn’t really stop it.  It was good getting back in touch with people I haven’t seen in quite a while.  I reconnected with my friend Trisha who was my best friend in 7th grade/middle school.

I also learned that one of my best friends is 6 months pregnant with twins!  I hadn’t heard from her much in the last year, so this was a real shock.  Since I last talked with her, she’s met someone, gotten married, gotten pregnant and moved across the country.  Crazy.  Of course I am working on sweaters for the babies.  I want to make more than that, but don’t think I’ll make the deadline.

I’ve got more to show, but am getting tired.  The last thing for this post will be the Aeolian Shawl that I finished last month. 

Pattern: Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman at Knitty.com

Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in Intenso.  I used a smidgen more than 2 skeins.  If I hadn’t doubled the yarn on the bind-off I would have made it with no problem.  Luckily Melissa had just finished her Sweet Lily Shawl with the same yarn and had leftovers. 

I made mine a little bit smaller than the full shawl.  I did only 8 repeats of the Yucca chart instead of the 12 it calls for.  I followed the shawl directions for the rest of it.  7 stitch nupps.  (Anyone else having trouble calling them “noups” like Nancy Bush?  Everytime I have to say both ways.  “I’m doing 7 stitch noups…you know, nupps”)  I used purple Toho silver-lined 8/0 beads throughout.  They are always hard to see in pictures. 

I had a hell of a time blocking this out.  I forgot it had the swooping U shape on the top and tried to block it out in a straight line.  Then I had no room to pin out all the points.  I had to keep readjusting all my pins and by the time I was finishing (2 + hours later) the shawl was mostly dry.  I had to spray it with water again.  I may go back one day and try for sharper points.  Overall though, I am happy happy with it.  Love it. 

I like styling shawls like this, but it seems a little ridiculous.  Why go through all that work, just to wad it up in a ball around your neck.  We’re all fighting the dowdiness of a lace shawl I guess.  Making it all casual, like a kerchief.  It does bother me when it’s the picture for the pattern.  You can’t even tell what the pattern looks like when it’s all wrapped around like that.  Despite this mini-rant, this is totally the way I wear them out on the town.  Like I’m putting on a elaborately knit lobster bib. 

More soon!  Oh, and I need to either find a new roommate, or find a new place to live.  Let me know if anyone has any Los Angeles apartment leads!  Also, I can’t pay very much for said apartment.  Thanks!

Jill B.

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So flabergasted at myself I almost forgot to blog it!

Warning: This post contains a wicked lot of photos. Avert your eyes if you’re easily offended by rainbows!

The scarf/shawl I declared I would be knitting forever is finally finished… Actually I finished it last week and have been unabashedly showing it off wherever possible. (Read: I wore it to Compatto. They are very generous with their oohs and ahhs there!) This weekend it’s slated to debut at That Yarn Store’s Martini Night and the monthly GLASG meeting.

Those who knit with me know that I have been crab-assing about this project for over a year. Feeling bored with the feather and fan pattern and doubting that in the end that my work would do the beautiful rainbow handspun from Perchance to Knit the justice it deserves. I was given an unexpected knitterly boost when this humble little piece of lace became one out of 305 of Brooklyn Tweed‘s favorites on Ravelry. Since then I’ve felt obligated to see if ultimately it could live up to such an honor.

Well, I must say I’m pleased. I will never again doubt of the power of a sturdy blocking.

Hearty thanks to all who have given me such generous compliments and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without you…

As an extra special treat for any diehard rainbow lover/beach bums out there, I give you the Venice Beach photo shoot…

Friday was such a lovely beach day. I left work early last week to meet our webdesigner who’s office is on Rose and Main in Venice Beach. (I used to live right therein a tiny little bungalow with a shared courtyard and it so was awesome! Though the boardwalk seemed a little scummier than I remembered. Maybe it’s my age, or maybe I was just accustomed to that scene back then. Sorry, I was too intimidated to to take any pictures of the strange peeps.) Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to catch the sunset and take some nice photos.

surfers on venice beach

Do you see the little birdie at the bottom of the next photo? Cute!! I love him to bits!

Hello little sandpiper!

I can’t believe this was my first visit to the beach since I’ve moved back to the Westside. Shame on me. Must make a resolution to go much, much, much more often.

So, BTW, I never meant for this post to be so long, but I must have a gotten a little advance on my Luck O’ the Irish. As I’m sitting here at work, blogging (shh! don’t tell my boss!), this giant storm system came rolling in. It was super strange with a thick layer of dark, dark gray clouds, but I could still see brightness on the horizon. This is the view from my desk…


And here’s downtown Los Angeles with a little digital zoom assist…

Downtown Los Angeles

The storm was leaving as quickly as it arrived and suddenly I realized… IMG! Rainbow!! I lept from my desk and went running around the penthouse sure that we must have the right angle off one of the gazillion balconies here. And as I burst out into the hallway, there it was.




Arching over Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Can you spot the blue and green Pacific Design Center Buildings on the left by the yellow crane in the previous photo?

Now that was pretty cool!

And no less than fifteen minutes later, we’re back to our regularly scheduled big, beautiful, blue sky…

blue sky moments later

Have a glorious weekend!

xo, Jill P.


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