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iPhone pictures

I basically thought I posted this a month ago, but realized I hadn’t.  And I don’t feel like waiting for a better time.  So here it is.  Two posts in one day!


Here are some of the notices left on street posts of recent times that I felt like taking pictures of:

It’s a little hard to read in this picture. And to be fair, in real life too. “FOUND SKTBRD”. Seems like an unnecessary abbreviation given the size of the paper. That was in a residential part of Venice.

This one is driving me crazy. I have to imagine this is a fake sign. The phone number has too many digits:

Posted right outside of LACMA. Art installation? Or is this a reference to a movie that I don’t remember/get?! That girl seems so familiar, but I can’t place it!!

This one is an easy reference. To one of my favorite movies of all time!:

That was outside of Amoeba Records in Hollywood. By the way, while I was taking that photo, there was a line of people waiting for Weird Al to sign their records. If there was no line I would have gone in. My parents used to love his videos!

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I am currently obsessed with this Iggy Azalea video. I can’t explain it. But I love her crazy outfits and wish I had that tiny waist and big booty.


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Los Angeles City Hall

I thought I posted this weeks ago!  Hmmm!  One of these days I’m going to get organizized.

Lucas and I went to the Los Angeles City Hall a couple weeks ago.  And no, we didn’t get married!  We went up to the Observation Deck to look around.  This is something we have wanted to do for at least a year, but it is only open M-F 9-5.  I took the day after the Fourth of July off and we made a little excursion out of it.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the outside of the building.  It’s beautiful!  Well, check out this google image search if you’re interested.

It’s up on the 27th floor.  There are portraits of all of Los Angeles’s mayors displayed on the level below the observation deck.  There is also a meeting room/dining hall.  Lucas gave a little speech with the microphone while I worried that we would get in trouble.

Check out these views!:

Now is the perfect time to go when we have nice clear skies in the summer!

Also, I finished a sweater!  I wore it to work today, but my work photographer wasn’t around to take pictures of it.  But soon!

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Kubrick at LACMA

Holy crap, I’ve been really off my game. New job, broken computer, a whole host of things.

Now I have a bunch of things to show and talk about. If only I could upload my pictures to something. 🙂

At least a month ago, Lucas and I went to LACMA to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit. We are both Kubrick fans. I took a whole class on him in college, so had seen almost all of the films. It is a pretty amazing exhibit. Lots of props and artifacts from the different productions. Here were some of the highlights for me:

From the milk bar in Clockwork Orange.

The typewriter from The Shining.

That’s a letter from Saul Bass. Not super interesting, but look at that logo/signature! It makes me want to revisit the idea of coming up with a personal brand. Coming to my house would be like a trip to Disneyland except all the food would be shaped like my logo instead of Mickey’s ears.

If you are even a marginal Kubrick you need to see this exhibit! It closes at the end of the month. When we went,we spotted Russell Brand!

We took a few pictures outside the museum. Like Lucas riding a giant sloth:


And some dumb ones of us and Levitating Mass.

Here Lucas’s pose is, “get a load of this guy!” Referring to the Mass, of course.


Have a great weekend everyone! Go out and see some art! We might hit up the Getty tomorrow.

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Tasty Tuesday: Junior’s Deli

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t really do resolutions, but I do try to create a theme for each year. For example, a few years back was “not doing anything I don’t want to do.”. The theme the year following was, “re-engaging with society”. Ha. I haven’t quite figured out this year yet, but I think it’s going to be something about valuing myself. Which can mean many things, but the easiest to work on is not being a cheap bastard. Like using a full sheet on the lint roller and not eating potentially spoiled food. We’ll see how it goes. I could change my mind.

Sad news! Lucas and I happened to stop in at Junior’s for breakfast on Sunday and found out that they were closing! Yesterday was their last day. They had lost their lease after 53 years. They hope to reopen in the future. I’m going to be sad to see them go. They have great matzoh ball soup, though mediocre latkes. I wonder what will happen to their iconic signs.


Because everyone else knew they were closing, it was a mad house. We decided to just order bagel sandwiches at the deli counter. Lucas ordered a bagel sandwich with cream cheese, tomato and onion. I felt a little rushed so I just got a bagel with cream cheese and lox. The guy asked what kind of lox I wanted and when I wasn’t sure, he said that Nova lox was what most people get. We also ordered some black and white cookies and rugelach to go. When we went to pay, I noticed that my lox bagel was $17! So crazy! I consider it our contribution to their re-opening fund. But holy crap that’s a lot for a bagel. It did end up being more like a lox plate, but still. I felt pretty obligated for it to be the best bagel I had ever had.


It was delicious.

Junior’s will be missed! If not their lox prices…


What’s your favorite Jewish deli in Los Angeles? And any resolutions? If you have a fitness resolution, come talk to me about Jazzercise classes!


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Tasty Tuesday: LA coffee shops

On Sunday I picked up Lucas from the airport and we went on a real food bender. We started it off with brunch at Pann’s, an amazing Los Angeles institution. Opened in 1958 in the Googie style of architecture. It is still family owned and operated. I had a breakfast special with fried chicken, eggs, grits and a biscuit. I had been years ago but for some reason hadn’t made it back there. Lucas had never been before despite being a Los Angeles native. We are now in love with this place! It is so well maintained and the clientele was so diverse. It just has a real authenticity that you don’t get every day. I forgot to get Lucas’s pictures, but here’s one of their original menu:


It’s definitely worth a trip. I know Ellen is a big fan and she knows all the hot spots!

After brunch we went over to Target and then just had to stop by See’s Candies. See’s started in Los Angeles though the factory on La Cienega isn’t the first location. We only got a few pieces of candy. My old favorite was the Scotchmallow, but ever since I discovered the Butterscotch Square there has been no going back. It tastes like it’s virtually brown sugar in a chocolate casing. Yum!

That afternoon we went and saw The Master at the Westside Pavilion. For dinner we ate at The Apple Pan. Since I don’t eat red meat, I always get the egg salad sandwich, and fries of course.

Meat eaters seem to think the thing to get is the Hickoryburger.

My only saving grace from the day of eating was that I didn’t order any pie! Despite the name, I find the apple pie at Apple Pan to be a little lackluster. I always get the banana cream pie which is really something special.

Recently there has been a turnover in staff at Apple Pan, which is a little sad, but people have to retire some time!

The next day for lunch, I ended up at the 101 Coffee Shop. I like going there too, but after going to such great authentic restaurants it feels a little contrived. It was re-modeled sometime recently and is now very retro styled and a real haven for Hollywood hipsters. Worth a stop though, if you’re in the area.

Hopefully better pictures to come in the future!

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Space shuttle Endeavor

We got a great view of the space shuttle at work a few minutes ago as it flew over Hollywood on its way to Griffith Park and JPL in Pasadena.

I took a video but am not sure how to share that while blogging from my phone.

Here’s my favorite photo:


Any one else get a good vantage point?

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So flabergasted at myself I almost forgot to blog it!

Warning: This post contains a wicked lot of photos. Avert your eyes if you’re easily offended by rainbows!

The scarf/shawl I declared I would be knitting forever is finally finished… Actually I finished it last week and have been unabashedly showing it off wherever possible. (Read: I wore it to Compatto. They are very generous with their oohs and ahhs there!) This weekend it’s slated to debut at That Yarn Store’s Martini Night and the monthly GLASG meeting.

Those who knit with me know that I have been crab-assing about this project for over a year. Feeling bored with the feather and fan pattern and doubting that in the end that my work would do the beautiful rainbow handspun from Perchance to Knit the justice it deserves. I was given an unexpected knitterly boost when this humble little piece of lace became one out of 305 of Brooklyn Tweed‘s favorites on Ravelry. Since then I’ve felt obligated to see if ultimately it could live up to such an honor.

Well, I must say I’m pleased. I will never again doubt of the power of a sturdy blocking.

Hearty thanks to all who have given me such generous compliments and encouragement! I couldn’t have done it without you…

As an extra special treat for any diehard rainbow lover/beach bums out there, I give you the Venice Beach photo shoot…

Friday was such a lovely beach day. I left work early last week to meet our webdesigner who’s office is on Rose and Main in Venice Beach. (I used to live right therein a tiny little bungalow with a shared courtyard and it so was awesome! Though the boardwalk seemed a little scummier than I remembered. Maybe it’s my age, or maybe I was just accustomed to that scene back then. Sorry, I was too intimidated to to take any pictures of the strange peeps.) Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity to catch the sunset and take some nice photos.

surfers on venice beach

Do you see the little birdie at the bottom of the next photo? Cute!! I love him to bits!

Hello little sandpiper!

I can’t believe this was my first visit to the beach since I’ve moved back to the Westside. Shame on me. Must make a resolution to go much, much, much more often.

So, BTW, I never meant for this post to be so long, but I must have a gotten a little advance on my Luck O’ the Irish. As I’m sitting here at work, blogging (shh! don’t tell my boss!), this giant storm system came rolling in. It was super strange with a thick layer of dark, dark gray clouds, but I could still see brightness on the horizon. This is the view from my desk…


And here’s downtown Los Angeles with a little digital zoom assist…

Downtown Los Angeles

The storm was leaving as quickly as it arrived and suddenly I realized… IMG! Rainbow!! I lept from my desk and went running around the penthouse sure that we must have the right angle off one of the gazillion balconies here. And as I burst out into the hallway, there it was.




Arching over Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Can you spot the blue and green Pacific Design Center Buildings on the left by the yellow crane in the previous photo?

Now that was pretty cool!

And no less than fifteen minutes later, we’re back to our regularly scheduled big, beautiful, blue sky…

blue sky moments later

Have a glorious weekend!

xo, Jill P.


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