We’re two Jills living in Los Angeles doing knitting and other fibery stuff.  We have lots of stuff in common: fiber and knitting stuff, hating spicy food and cilantro, and many other things.

Jill B: I am originally from Camas, Washington.  I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle for graduate school (for Moving Image Archive Studies) in 2003 and never left.  I work at a non-profit film lab that does preservation/restoration work.  I love learning new knitting and spinning techniques but am most excited when I actually finish a project.  I spend most of my free time knitting and squeeze in spinning occasionally.  I also enjoy baking, reading, watching movies and tv and going to ridiculous things like festivals or county fairs.  Random things I like: Jazzercise, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, classic Hollywood movies, girl groups, desserts, outbursts and animals dressed in clothes.  Random things I hate: spiders, loose hair, drone, men wearing necklaces and people that ask repetitive questions on listservs.

Jill P:  she’s out of town now… more to come later, probably. =)


2 responses to “About

  1. Davina

    Hi Jill and Jill,

    I have an urgent request! Is there anyway that we could get a handknitted penis and ball cover? Its for a UK TV show that will be shown on channel 4. If this is a possibility pls contact me via my email. Would it be possible to get it made and mailed by Wednedsay?

    Kind Regards

  2. Davina,

    It’s a possibility. Please send me more information, and include your email address. But as soon as possible!

    Jill B.

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