Skein Enable Podcast

I know I’ve been super lax about posting here.  I will try to be better.  But if you find that you can’t do without me in between posts, you can now listen to me!

I’ve talked in the past about the Skein After Skein podcast hosted by my friends Eve and Michele.  They had basically stopped recording after Eve had her twins last year.  Understandably, with two babies and a full time job, podcasting was something that fell away for Eve.  I really missed listening to the two of the them, but also kind of had the podcast bug.  I have been listening to a ridiculous amount of podcasts at work recently.  So Michele and I decided to start up a new podcast.

And it is now available!  You can find us at  We are also on iTunes, so you can subscribe to us there.  I can find it on my phone, but when I look on my computer, I can’t find it.  You can search for Skein Enable and we will come up.  We have one episode up right now, but a second one should come out any time now.

We basically just talk about knitting, crafting and a bunch of other topics.  Come and join us!  I always feel obligated to say that we are not always family friendly, so this might not be the best thing for playing in the car with your kids.

We also have a Ravelry group: Skein Enable Podcast.


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