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iPhone pictures

I basically thought I posted this a month ago, but realized I hadn’t.  And I don’t feel like waiting for a better time.  So here it is.  Two posts in one day!


Here are some of the notices left on street posts of recent times that I felt like taking pictures of:

It’s a little hard to read in this picture. And to be fair, in real life too. “FOUND SKTBRD”. Seems like an unnecessary abbreviation given the size of the paper. That was in a residential part of Venice.

This one is driving me crazy. I have to imagine this is a fake sign. The phone number has too many digits:

Posted right outside of LACMA. Art installation? Or is this a reference to a movie that I don’t remember/get?! That girl seems so familiar, but I can’t place it!!

This one is an easy reference. To one of my favorite movies of all time!:

That was outside of Amoeba Records in Hollywood. By the way, while I was taking that photo, there was a line of people waiting for Weird Al to sign their records. If there was no line I would have gone in. My parents used to love his videos!

And this has nothing to do with anything, but I am currently obsessed with this Iggy Azalea video. I can’t explain it. But I love her crazy outfits and wish I had that tiny waist and big booty.


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FO: A Very Braidy Cowl

A coworker recently retired and I realized I had never knit anything for her over the last nine years.  This was the perfect opportunity!  But as always, I didn’t make a plan until a week before she was leaving.

I was able to churn this little guy out in that time frame:

My Rav page here.

Pattern: A Very Braidy Cowl by Maryse Roudier

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in Burgundy, just under one skein.


Start Date: June 18, 2014

Finish Date: June 25, 2014

I didn’t do any real modifications.  I did one more repeat of the pattern because I thought it could still use a little more width and I wanted to use up as much yarn as possible.  I still had a little bit of yarn left over, but not enough to do another full repeat.  I used a provisional cast-on and then grafted the ends.  I decided not to worry about grafting in pattern since there are only a few purl stitches.  It is amazing how the graft really disappears.  It was hard to find it once my ends were woven in.

Oh, this project did have a “first” for me.  The first time I’ve used a row counter!  I get that they are useful, but still never bothered to use one.  Trying to be a tough guy or something.  Although I have the ability to count my rows while cabling, it isn’t obvious to me like in stockinette.  And boy was it easy just to check my row counter!  I also usually cable without a cable needle, but for such big cables it worked better to use a cable needle.  8 x 8 stitches!

It fits somewhat snugly around the neck but it is still easy to slip over the head.  Even without messing up your hair.

My co-worker really liked it!  She had no idea what a “cowl” was.  It surprised me a little bit.  Is it possible that non-knitters haven’t heard of cowls?  I think it’s probably a fluke. 

It was a quick, economical project.  In fact, I had recently received this skein of yarn at a giveaway of sorts at my knitting guild.  So this didn’t cost me anything!  The color is most accurate in the top picture.  An actual burgundy color.

I want to show you some WIP stuff soon.  I finished my Lyra, but I need to take pictures still.

Have a great weekend!


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FO: Bias Eyelet Cowl

I have a confession. I am not a very punctual person. I had extra time to get my Mom a Mother’s Day gift because she was out of town on vacation. I tried to paint a plate at Color Me Mine. But it turned out pretty crummy. I didn’t have a plan. So I was a couple weeks late getting my Mom anything! What a negligent daughter!

I did end up making her a cowl. A bubble-gum-like striped Noro cowl.

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Bias Eyelet Cowl by Grace Akhrem

Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite and Rowan Milk Cotton DK.  Less than a ball each

Needles: US 4

Start Date: May 24, 2014

Finish Date: May 30, 2014

The cowl is knit on the bias, and fairly straightforward.  I knit straight for a little longer than the pattern called for.  Mostly because I wanted to see some more colors of the Noro and I thought it could be a little looser. 

Because you are carrying the two strands up the side of the work, one side started to look a little sloppy.  I tried not to worry about it, but it wasn’t good:

I ended up with plenty of the Silk Garden Lite left over, so I decided to do an applied I-cord edging along both sides.  This way I got to see some more of those colors!  And boy did it make it look more finished.  I picked up a stitch in every slip stitch on the edge, but every maybe four rows I added an extra row to my I-cord.  You have to find the right balance so that the edging is neither binding nor flared.

And if you are astute, you can see that I was doing this edging on a plane.  On the way to see my Mom!  Luckily she was out of town for the first two days I was home so that I had time to block it on the floor of my childhood bedroom.  Which, by the way, looks like a 16-year old girl still lives there. 

I probably should have gotten my Mom to model the cowl…

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