FO: Molly Hat

My hat is done!  I even got my ass to the post office and sent it off.  Of course I procrastinated on this hat so long that it is now finally not cold in Wisconsin.  It’ll get some use eventually, I hope!

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Molly by Erin Ruth

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in Niebla, about .8 of a skein.

Needles: US 3 for ribbing and US6 for the body

Start Date:  April 19, 2014

Finish Date: May 11, 2014

I made a few changes to the pattern.  But it turns out that I took pretty crappy notes and don’t quite remember.  I started with twisted ribbing instead of regular ribbing.  I think I started with fewer stitches than in the pattern.  Maybe 88?  After the ribbing I increased up to the amount of stitches as in the pattern.  Some people started their decreases much sooner.  I might have knit one cable repeat less, but maybe not.  I just kind of eyeballed it as to when it looked long enough.

I also decided on my next project.  But I haven’t gotten around to actually casting on!  I am going to knit the Medallion-Edged Shrug from knit.wear Spring 2012.  I finally, maybe, got gauge using Forbidden Woolery Pride Lace in Goldilocks.

A yellow cropped cardigan.  A little much?  Maybe, but I’m excited to actually get going on it.  Too bad all I want to knit on is Lyra!


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