FO: More baby stuff!

A knitting friend of mine is having twins!  I planned on making little sweaters, but then I ran out of time.  (Story of my life!)  When I was with her at the local JoAnn’s I bought some rainbow yarn that she agreed was a little crazy but awesome.  So I decided that that was close enough to a yarn approval!

Rav page here.

Pattern: Christine’s Stay On Baby Booties by Christine Bourquin

Yarn: Premier Yarns Serenity Garden (Sport?) in Gems

Needles: 2.5mm DPNs

Start Date: April 10, 2014

Finish Date: April 13, 2014

I just made all four in succession without worrying about what color came up next.  I love that they are all different!

Look at these cute little garter stitch soles!:

I did 3-stitch I-cord for the ties.  The ties were maybe 11 inches long each. A little bit longer might be nice.  It is hard to tie a nice looking bow.  I need to invest in an I-cord maker/crank.  I did a lot of I-cord for these little guys.

For two pairs, I used just a little over 1 skein of yarn.  Which worked out perfectly because I used just under 1 skein of yarn to make the matching hats!

My Rav page for the hats here.

Pattern: Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap by Gro

Needles: 2.5mm and 3.0mm.

Start Date: April 5, 2014

Finish Date: April 9, 2014

I had a little bit of confusion reading the pattern.  It is a free pattern…  There is a section in the beginning of the hat where you are increasing and decreasing to create the chevron shape.  You do the shaping every other row.  The instructions say to “Repeat these increases and decreases every other round for 8 (9) 10 more rounds.”  I couldn’t tell if that meant to do the shaping 8 more times, or if it meant to knit 8 more rounds (4 more shaping rounds).  From looking at a ton of different pictures I decided that it meant to do the shaping 8 more times, for a total of 16 more rounds.  I think I only did it 7 more times just to be different.  I think I also omitted the last row of decreases at the crown as well.  This made it slightly less pointy.  Though still pretty pointy…

My I-cord ties are again 3-stitches and about 9 inches long.

What a cheerful little set, if I do say so myself!

I’ve been doing a ton of knitting but nothing to show for it yet.  I started knitting my wedding veil.  I went with Lyra by Herbert Niebling.  I’ll show you guys a progress shot soon.  I am making good progress but it is still in “shower cap” phase.  I also finished a sweater that I don’t really like that much.  Be back soon!



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3 responses to “FO: More baby stuff!

  1. What a cute set! I totally love the yarn! Both the booties and the hats are equally adorable. Definitely putting this on my list to knit new babies!

  2. Gorgeous. The colours have worked out so well

  3. Lisa

    Adorable! I know that your knitting friend loved this set.

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