Too busy to blog…

… because I’m trying to knit a dress in two weeks!

The pace hasn’t been so bad, but now that I’m getting close to the end I am starting to worry a bit. The easy part was the skirt where I just followed the chart and cranked through. The bodice was a real pain in my ass because you have to decrease and increase in lace pattern and also because my row gauge was drastically different than the pattern so I needed to make adjustments as I went. And then remember those adjustments when knitting the mirroring sections.

But now that’s done and blocking. Though I still don’t know if it’ll fit… I’ve moved on to working on the seed stitch sash/belt. 30 inches of seed stitch on a size 3 needle should go quickly right? Right?!?

I’m working on it at spare moments at work…


Are you guys gonna make your goals?


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