Chemo Hats

I am chugging along on my lace dress.  I am actually almost 50% through my yarn, so hopefully I am 50% through my project!  The skirt is almost done.  The top of the dress might be a little more tricky since it needs to fit a little better.

But I never finished showing you guys the rest of my chemo hats.  I made these all out of Caron Simply Soft to send to Halos of Hope.

One is using the Barley hat pattern by tincanknits.  This is part of their free collection of simple projects.  The hat was super quick.

I think it actually looks pretty cute on.  Not that you can tell from these bathroom self-photos.  This one is in Dark Country Blue and the color is most accurate in the bottom photo.  Maybe I’ll have to make another one for me.  For the record, I made the medium Adult size which loosely fits my large head.  But I didn’t swatch, so maybe that’s not helpful.

I also made two of the Magnolia hats.  This is a free pattern by Maria Socha.  I made one in Light Country Blue and then a second one in Country Blue.  I used a Raveller’s modifications to do the ribbing so that it flows into the lace pattern.  But I wasn’t paying very much attention on the first one and the ribbing didn’t line up at all!  Whoops.

Here it is on:

More beautiful photography:

I’ve been really rethinking wearing hats.  I always assumed I didn’t have a hat face, but I am liking them more and more.  Again, don’t judge that based on these photos. 🙂

And that’s the end of my hats for Halos of Hope.  I sent in four of them.  But I have been kind of inspired by Eve to do a chemo cap every month.  It doesn’t take much time out of my knitting schedule but is really a nice thing to do.  I’ve been kind of lax on charitable knitting, so maybe it is time to motivate.  It’s also a nice chance to try out new patterns.  I would be bored if they all had to be plain stockinette!




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4 responses to “Chemo Hats

  1. Love these chemo hats. When I had breast cancer many years ago I wish I had the mindset to knit hats for the ladies I made friends with in the chemo room. I guess I was more focused on just getting through the whole ordeal. God bless your heart for making these. I can guarantee they will be much appreciated. 💗👍

  2. Eve is correct, Jill! A chemo cap a month is not that difficult and you’ll really make a difference. I collect caps for my Cousin Audra, a nurse at the UCSF Fertility Clinic. She specializes in collecting eggs from woman BEFORE they go for chemo (chemo kills eggs). She likes to give her patients a chemo cap. They are usually overwhelmed that strangers make these hats for them. Let me know!

  3. Lynne

    The magnolia hats are beautiful! Were you able to find/make an English version? I would also love to know how to get the ribs to line up, yours came out great

    • jborders

      Hi Lynne,
      Sorry for the late reply. I had thought that I had used an English version, but perhaps I just used the chart. For the ribbing, I used the modifications from this Ravelry project. It is probably too late, but I hope that helps!

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