Holiday weaving

I kept forgetting to get finished pictures of the scarves that I wove over the holidays.  My parents bought me an 8-harness table loom for my birthday last year, but for now it is just staying at their house.  Why?  Because it’s huge.  And there’s not an easy way to get it down to me yet.  My Mom took pictures of me weaving, but I can’t seem to access them right now to share them.  But here are the final results.

First up is my Color Pooling Scarf:

I was inspired by all of the beautiful scarves created by kasyafka (that’s a link to her Rav project page) .  I copied her yarns and used Socks that Rock Lightweight in Henpecked for the warp and Valley Yarns 8/2 Tencel in Orchid as the weft.  It is just straight weave so I didn’t get to fully utilize my 8-harness loom.  I used 8 ends per inch.  The warp was about 86″ long.  We had to find a multiple of the color repeat so that all of the warp threads lined up with the same colors.

I tried to pick the thinner tencel thread to be the color of the lightest part.  I wanted it to kind of disappear into the scarf.  But it doesn’t on mine.  It stayed super prominent and I don’t know if it is just too shiny or what.  I am not sure if it is something to do with the weaving, or just the color choice.

I am still pretty stoked about it.  Up close I see all of my errors and uneven edges, but hopefully nobody gets too close to it.  I felt sad cutting off my extra loom waste, and I liked seeing all of the colors of the yarn, so I made the twisted fringe longer on one side than the other.  It is a pretty obvious difference, so I am calling it a design feature.

That right edge looks pretty wonky in the picture, but I don’t think it looks that bad in real life.  This was my second woven scarf and it only took two days, so I am willing to overlook many faults.

And my next scarf was from a kit that my Mom bought me.  It’s the Rigid Heddle Plaid Chenille Scarf from Cotton Clouds.  It is also just plain weave, but has some striping to make it interesting.  I had a lot of trouble warping this guy.  The tension kept going crazy and we re-warped it about four times.  Bleh.  But once I started weaving, it took no time at all.

And either my selvedge edges were becoming much more even or the chenille is great at hiding imperfections.  I would guess the latter.  It was also good practice in working in ends on color changes.

The chenille fabric became much softer after washing/finishing in the sink.  But also the cut ends started shedding little bits of fluff everywhere.  I don’t know if that will stop or if I’ll have to cut the ends closer to the fringe knots.  I have the plaid crossings on both ends of the scarf, and I added another set at the middle just to keep things interesting.

That might be all of the weaving I do this year.  Maybe I’ll work on another project the next time I visit my parents.



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  1. Adrienne

    The finished scarves look really nice, especially hanging among the trees. The color pooling was a neat technique, I’ll have to try it sometime.

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