2014 Plans

I am for the most part a monogamous knitter.  Maybe I’ll have a couple projects on the needles, but that’s about it.  I think it helps me finish things faster, but it doesn’t always give me a lot to blog about.  I am still working on my Chance of Showers cardigan.  It has been almost a month, so I better get going on finishing it!  I may have to go back and redo the lace portion on the sleeves.  They are a little wide and I don’t know if it’ll block out skinnier or not.  I might just need to redo them with a smaller needle.  I never think about taking pictures of WIPs…

So, 2014!  My so-called Year of Big Changes (named before getting engaged!).  There are going to be a ton of changes this year, including my work moving 30 miles away (a huge deal for Los Angeles traffic), me and Lucas finding a place to live together, and getting married.  Yikes!  It’s enough to make my head spin.  All my of knitting plans have gone a little out of the window.

There are still a lot of sweaters that I want to get to this year, including Svalbard, Hitofude, the Tara Jacket, and the Downton Pullover.  But there are more priority projects that I need to get to.  There are several babies coming in my friend groups, and primarily in my knitting circle!  So I need to make up some baby items.  One for-sure baby item I am going to make is the Camden  hoodie.  And sooner rather than later!

And wedding knits!  I have officially decided that I am not knitting my wedding dress.  I spent a fair amount of time obsessing over knit dresses.  And the conclusion was really that I would have to design my own dress.  Like modifying a shawl pattern to be a skirt and figuring out the bodice separately.  And ultimately, I don’t feel like doing that.  Now my primary wedding knitting project will be my veil.  I think I will make a large circular shawl in a lace weight and use that.

My first choice is Castanea from Twist Collective:


(Photo from Twist Collective)

Also, the Heliotaxis Pi Shawl by Renata Brenner:


(Photo by Renata Brenner)

I also would like to make a dress for the Rehearsal Dinner.  But we might not even have one of those.  I’ve had this pattern in my queue since 2008, so I think I would wear it another time even if there isn’t a specific occasion.  I had thought this could be my wedding dress, but it’s hard for me to actively go casual.  It is the #21 Lace Dress by Shirley Paden.  If you can’t guess by the creative naming, it is from Vogue Knitting.  Spring/Summer 2008.


I have some white or natural colored cotton in my stash, so I think this will be my Ravellenic Games project.  I’ll get started next month!  I should probably do some swatches first though.  I wish I could get started on the veil, but I need to have a wedding dress first to be able to match to.

It should also be noted that we haven’t started planning yet.  But we did say we’d probably do it this year, so I have to get started on the knitting if not all of the other stuff.

I am not really into setting knitting goals for the year.  But I do want to make sure that all of these projects are pleasure projects and not just obligations.  And I want to enjoy all of these big moments and not let them overwhelm me.  And hopefully not take in too much stash.  If Lucas and I are going to be living together, he might start getting on my case about my yarn quantities…



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3 responses to “2014 Plans

  1. Congratulations!!!! Very exciting!

  2. Lauren

    I just finished Chance of Showers and the lace portion on my sleeves is very wide too. My mom made one and used 2 needle sizes down from the body and hers turned out more flattering. I may be re-doing that section!

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