Christmas gifts

So much to share! My family often goes all out on Christmas gifts. This year we said we would scale it back a notch, but I don’t know if we really did. I was lucky to get some handmade gifts for Christmas.

My sister was recently in Peru and brought me back these beautiful crocheted mitts.

So, no, she didn’t crochet them herself, but I think they are handmade in Peru. These weren’t actually a Xmas gift, she gave them to me a month earlier. The other gifts from her were lovely, but I wanted to showcase handwork.

My Mom was busy embroidering Christmas tea towels while I was at home. And then she surprised me with this one in my stocking!

And yes, we are a family with no children and the youngest in the family (me) is 32 but we still do Christmas stockings. My sister and I frequently reminisce about the year we came down to see what was in our stockings and had Castle Greyskull (for her) and the Ewok Village (for me) waiting for us. Greatest. Christmas. Ever.

And from my Dad:

A pizza cutter with a hand-turned handle! My Dad has been into woodworking/cabinetmaking for a number of years, but he is just starting to get serious about wood turning. My uncle and sister each got ice cream scoops with hand turned handles and I got the pizza cutter. This thing weighs about two pounds and I should keep it under my bed to protect myself from intruders. Maybe it’s time to get a pizza stone and do this right? Instead of using this beautiful tool just to cut a Trader Joe’s frozen pizza in half. (Those pizzas are supposed to be something like 4 servings, but seriously, 2 tops.)

Since I was home for the holidays, Lucas and I waited to exchange gifts for New Year’s Eve. Here is him modelling what I got him.


The Ostrich Pillow. I got this one for a good price on I may have a coupon code at home. Contact me, and I can try to find it. Excuse the mess in the background, I was in organizing mode.

And here is what he gave me!


We are now engaged! I guess his present kind of beat the shit out of mine, but I am okay with that. We went up to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook for the last sunset of 2013 and he popped the question. The ring is vintage from the 1920s. We are not currently doing any wedding planning, but I just might knit myself a wedding dress. So I better get moving on it!

Here’s a “selfie” of us right after it happened. It is pretty grainy because of the light and it looks like it is his hand wearing the ring. 🙂




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3 responses to “Christmas gifts

  1. Lauren

    OMG Jill!!!! So excited for you two! Congratulations! I’m going to try to make it to SNB one of these days before I am really home bound….I have to see that beauty in person and give you a big hug!

  2. sak

    Congratulations Jill! I will try to actually make it to the spot sometime soon. I can’t decide if the ostrich pillow is too weird or if I really really want one.

  3. Lisa

    Jill! I’m soooo happy for you! Congrats. Were you surprised? That pillow cracks me up. I saw it online and didn’t know what to think. See you soon.

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