2013 wrap-up

I don’t usually do a year-end wrap-up.  Mostly because I am a mix of too stupid and too lazy to figure out how to do a montage photo.  And they’re not even called montages, but I can’t think of the word for them.  Good grief.  But I would like to review a few projects from the year that I am proud of.

As usual, knitting took a front seat to other crafting.  I just looked up some totals on Ravelry.  I finished 8 sweaters, 4 shawls, 4 hats, 4 cowls and 9 other accessory or miscellany projects.  Not bad.  Here are some of my favorites from the year:

My Lace Coat

My Grown-Up Girl

My Toujours

My Lacey Leaf Satchel

Not everything was a winner this year, but on the whole I am happy with what I knit.

There was a little bit of spinning, too:

To-Ply Merino/Bamboo/Nylon

Rain City BFL/Silk

Man, when I said a little spinning, I really meant little!  I only spun about a pound of fiber this year.  At least I am not stockpiling fiber, so my stash isn’t getting out of hand.

I picked up the pace on my sewing.  And then promptly slowed down again.  I would like to pick it up more this year.  I have decided that I will do one quilt a year.  That is probably even ambitious considering how long I have had fabric taking up my kitchen table because I don’t like cutting.  Or pressing.

My first quilt!  Pieced, machine quilted and bound by me.

My wide-mouthed zipper bag.  Maybe I never blogged this…  I used this tutorial.

I have much more of everything on my agenda for 2014!  I probably won’t set goals though, because sometimes I tend to think of my knitting projects as priorities over experiencing my life!  I might be focusing on some larger scale projects this year.  And of course there are the Ravellenic Games coming up!


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