Tasty Tuesday: St. Louis edition

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate! There has been plenty of cookie making in my holiday schedule, but I’m behind on food posts. Time to catch up!

I spent a fair amount of energy on my St. Louis trip looking for a good Gooey Butter Cake. Remember this guy? I wanted to try the real thing while I was there. We ended up buying two different cakes and were disappointed in both of them! The cake bottom was more like a danish on the first one, and the second one was kind of dry and had a strong almond taste. There was one that Lucas’s family really liked, but the bakery had closed down. Oh, well. I gave it the ole college try.

But, I did get to go to White Castle! I had never been before. I had a little cheese sandwich, a fish sandwich, and a “chicken ring” sandwich. And you know, just okay. I was tempted to buy the White Castle collectible candle for my parents. They are HUGE fans of “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”. Also, they are not stoners. Once my Mom’s boss borrowed their DVD, but when it had been awhile before it was returned, they bought. another. copy.

That’s Wiley, Clay, Lucas and Anna. I won’t lie, the hamburgers looked a little gross. But I also don’t eat hamburgers.

I also got to try St. Louis style pizza. We got a take-out pie from Imo’s. As promised, the pie has an unleavened crust. Also, slightly sweet tomato sauce, and Provel cheese. It tasted like it was a mix of Velveeta cheese on top of a cracker. And cut into rectangles.

Not my favorite style of pizza. But you know, it’s still pizza. So pretty much delicious. Somehow I ate almost the whole pizza that we were supposed to be splitting. And we had just had dinner and dessert.

Now, the best food experience that I had, was Ted Drewes. I am pretty much obsessed with frozen custard. I go to Sheridan’s while at home and stop at any other place while visiting. In Los Angeles we recently got a Rita’s (originally from Philadelphia). They are known for Italian ice, but all of the different ice/custard combinations is a little confusing and overwhelming. Top Round, a roast beef restaurant recently opened and it has frozen custard, but I haven’t made it yet.

Anyway, Ted Drewes is a legend and I am so glad we made the effort to go out there! I had a mocha custard with Heath bar in it.

The day before we had gone to the St. Louis Art Museum. They have an exhibit by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock. We had just seen this image:


That’s Ted Drewes in the Max Beckmann panel. A real landmark!

Why am I always eating frozen custard when it is freezing outside!?


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