Spinnerin #166 His and Hers

Time for another look inside a vintage knitting booklet!


This one has sweaters for both males and females. What I love most about this one are the photographs! Some have an awesome tilt-shift like effect that makes them look like miniatures! (Btw, I love miniatures and there used to be a Museum of Miniatures in Los Angeles but it closed before I moved here. Including a tiny version of the O.J. Simpson trial courtroom!!)


I pretty much love everything about that photo. The focus, her sweater and the way he has a cigarette in his mouth and ski poles in his hand!


If I didn’t want to keep this booklet for the patterns I would tear out these pages and frame them!

At first glance, I thought this sweater was kind of ugly, but after looking at it more, I think I love it! It’s pretty crazy on him, but as an oversized sweater on her, it looks pretty awesome. It is actually embroidered after the knitting is done if I remember correctly.


Sigh, so many patterns, so little time! I am still trying to crank through my gift knitting. The beading is done on that shawl, so it should speed up now…

I also finally bought the Perfect Christmas Jumper pattern and am obsessed with the idea of making it for Christmas. And…that’s impossible. But I could use my Mom’s knitting machine for the back when I am home…

Anyone else in over their heads?



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2 responses to “Spinnerin #166 His and Hers

  1. GREAT Spinnerin book! Yes, those photographs are amazing.
    I LOVED the Miniature Museum on the Miracle Mile. The O.J. SImpson trial miniature was the best. Guess who was in the witness seat? Nicole’s dog! If only that dog could talk….he saw the whole thing!

  2. roma1912

    What goes around comes around… just think when these are THE hight of fashion you can be in on the trend from the off 😀

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