FO: Clair de Lune

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I went to St. Louis with Lucas’s family and had a great time!  I have pictures to show you later.  But before I left I finished up my Clair de Lune swingy cardigan.  These photos were taken right after my work Thanksgiving potluck party.  In full bloat mode. 🙂

My Rav project page here.

Pattern: Clair de Lune by Carol Sunday

Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Sagebrush, a little more than 5 skeins.

Needles: US 6

Start Date: October 24, 2013

Finish Date:  November 24, 2013

Notes: I wanted my sweater to be a little smaller than the pattern called for.  It looks beautiful on a dress form, but in some of the project pictures it was apparent that it was a really long sweater.  The fronts draped almost down to the knees.  I knit mine at a much tighter gauge (20 sts/4 ins instead of 14 sts.)  I also used fingering weight yarn instead of sport weight.  This made the front panels less wide.  I knit to the length measurements of the smallest size for the fronts.  The piece is knit side to side, so this also served to make the front flaps a little smaller.

As I continued with the sleeves and back, I used the medium numbers (my actual size) to make sure that the armholes weren’t too tight.  Because I had a tighter gauge they are still smaller than in the original pattern.  For the back measurement, I believe I used the same as my actual size, but I did try it on to make sure it was time to start the second sleeve.

Other than that, no real changes.  The lace pattern looks complicated, but it is really only a four row repeat so it became easy to memorize.  I pretty much loved making this sweater.  I was totally stoked on it the whole time, which doesn’t always happen.  I can’t say that I love it as much now that it is finished, but I am still really pleased with it.  Maybe the style isn’t as super flattering as I hoped it would be.  I might even try it closed and belted in the future.

Oh, and the pattern doesn’t say to sew up the top of the sleeves, but you do have to.

Now I’m knitting little things and gift things, but I am definitely plotting my next sweater!


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