Brunswick Mostly Male

Here is a look at one of my other vintage knitting booklets.


As the name implies, it is mostly patterns for men, though some styles are seen on both sexes.

Check out this centerfold:


Who wore it better, the man or the woman? And is that a chain with an astrological sign that the man is wearing with his swimsuit and sweater?


I think one of the models looks like Jack Wagner, but several other possibilities were advanced at knitting group but I can’t remember them.

Anyone up for knitting an entire knit pantsuit?


And to round out the collection a lightening bolt sweater for the geek in your life. Don’t forget the matching hat!


I can’t lie, I’ve contemplated knitting a pantsuit just for comedy’s sake. Though there are kind of cute knit pantsin the new More Modern Top Down Knitting book…


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One response to “Brunswick Mostly Male

  1. sak

    I enjoyed it just as much this time. Thanks for posting.

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