Columbia-Minerva Knit Scene

Two weeks ago I went to Torrance for the Southern California Handweavers Weaving and Fiber Festival. My parents were in town so they came with me. My Mom is an accomplished knitter, spinner and crafts person and my Dad is very accommodating of our hobbies! Well, he is into wood working so he was able to chat with the “nut guy” who turns support spindle bowls and little containers out of brazil(?) nuts.

At the festival there were a ton of old books and magazines being sold for the guild. I hit the mother load and came away with a dozen really awesome vintage knitting magazines. From the 1950s to the 1970s. I’ll show you some highlights over the next week or two.

One of my favorites was this one:


After I added it to my Ravelry library I saw that all of the patterns are available free on Free Vintage Knitting. That should link you directly to the patterns for this booklet.

I love everything about this booklet. It is from 1968 and it is very mod! I love the picture in front of the huge calculation machines!

This is one of my favorites:


But my absolute favorite is the Orangetown Dress. Not to mention the matching helmet!!


I want it so bad! I haven’t decided what color I would want to make it in. I love the yellow of the original, but I was thinking about orange maybe. Lucas helped me try some options in photoshop and he created an awesome .gif to show some of them off!


What’s your favorite period for vintage or retro patterns? I love them all!



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2 responses to “Columbia-Minerva Knit Scene

  1. sak

    Please also post some of the ones from mostly male so that we can all enjoy them and so I can show my husband the fully knitted pant suit which was awesome.

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