FO: Fuzzy Lemongrass

I finished my Lemongrass in the fuzzy Noro yarn.  I was aware that it was a bit of a risk, but I don’t know if it paid out.  Eh.  They can’t all be winners.

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Pattern: Lemongrass by Joji Locatelli

Yarn:  Noro Kochoran, in #17, about 5 1/2 skeins.

Needles: US11

Notes: This yarn was pretty deep stash.  I was pretty committed to using it.  It is super comfy and cozy.  The dimensions of the sweater came out to the right size, but I did lengthen it by a few inches.  I am almost debating shortening it to the length in the pattern.  But then I’d have to redo all the ribbing, and maybe I don’t care enough.  The cable pattern is fairly obscured by the fuzzy angora yarn, but it may be a little more visible in person than in these pictures.   The yarn is super soft but it did shed quite a bit while knitting and I’d end up with hairs in my eyes and nose sometimes.  I think I extended the collar a bit to make it nice and plush.

Since I lengthened the body, I made the buttonholes a little lower than in the pattern.  I wish I had left them where they were because the gaps at the side are a little long.

I do like this, but I definitely don’t love it.  Because it is an oversized sweater this yarn may not have been the best choice.  The busy fuzzy yarn seems to accentuate the large size.  It’s not super flattering.  It looks a bit like a sack at times.

So yeah, now I’m back to my comfort zone of solids and semi-solids.  🙂


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