As Seen on Pinterest: T-shirt drawer

I saw this pin on Pinterest about re-organizing a T-shirt drawer:

And how did it work out for me?  Here’s the before shot of one of my drawers:

And such a beautiful photo too!  I recently switched dressers and was a little dismayed to find out that although the new one takes up more space, its drawers are much smaller.  Ugh!  Okay, but after refolding my shirts, here’s how it looked.

And the drawer closes now!  I did this with most of my drawers, including my tank top drawer and my workout clothes drawer.

Maybe that doesn’t look super organized, but before they were piles and sometimes I never even made it close to the bottom of that drawer before I did laundry.  Now I see all of my shirts at once.  And if I never get around to wearing them, hopefully their constant presence will guilt me into donating them instead of letting them take up space.

I’m not going to say life changing, but it has definitely been helpful.  If only I could get the rest of my belongings into order…


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