Tasty Tuesday: Fried Rice

I decided to start a new occasional feature.  It will be “As Seen on Pinterest”.  I’ll try to replicate something from Pinterest and share my results.  I don’t usually share my cooking pictures because my kitchen gets very little natural light.  So every shot looks pretty yellow and crummy.  But we’ll see…

Here is the pin that I followed:

Well, I first saw it as this next pin.  It really shows all the steps though it just links to a site that makes these photos, not the actual recipe:

(I followed this pin from Julie at Knitted Bliss.  She makes beautiful things, go check out her blog!)

I have tried to make fried rice in the past and failed.  What recipe did I use before?  Who knows!  I thought I could just stir fry some rice in a pan, add some shit in and voila, fried rice.  It turns out that that isn’t quite true, but it is just as easy!

Here‘s the direct link to the recipe.  I haven’t tried the sweet and sour chicken recipe yet though.

The real trick is that you need to use day old rice.  It helps if it’s been hardening in the fridge a bit.  This recipe is super simple with frozen vegetables.  I was in a pinch and I used dried onion instead and that worked perfectly.  I added some shredded chicken that I had leftover from earlier in the week.

It was nice to figure out how to add egg in as well.  The secret is that you use the same pan, but push the rice off to the side while the egg is cooking!  I used that same trick when making Pad See-Ew.  It seems so obvious now that I know.  Somehow it tastes better than cooking the eggs separately.  And easier for cleanup!

We’ll call this one a success!  And now that I’ve figured out how to embed Pins onto the blog (took me longer than I thought it would!), hopefully I will show off some more projects that I’ve gleamed from Pinterest.

I am not very active on Pinterest, but feel free to follow me if you like!  I think you can get to my account through that first pin.


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