Spinning: Abstract Fibers Chocolate Rainbow

I’ve been very neglectful of my spinning wheel for the last, umm, month at least.  In order to spin that fiber for Michele in July, I had to clear my languishing project off of the wheel.  Remember when I showed you guys that rainbow fiber that I was spinning?  That was really a while ago.  But here was my in progress post.

The fiber is Abstract Fibers Targhee in the color Chocolate Rainbow.  I spun it fairly thin and then navajo plied it to keep the long color repeats.  I had 4 oz. of it.  I can’t remember how many yards I got out of it.  I’ll update when I find the info.

Because I spent so long spinning this, over several different spinning sessions, I was really not consistent in the thickness of my initial single.  Oh man.  Really inconsistent.  And because I am creating a three-ply out of the yarn in the order that  it was spun, the inconsistency was not spread out throughout the skein.  Meaning that if I had spun three bobbins to different thicknesses and then plied them together in a normal three-ply the grist of the yarn would stay the same from the beginning to the end of the skein for the most part.  But navajo-plying is like making a crochet chain and plying all three strands together.  Which means if I was spinning thinly at the beginning and a little thicker at the end of the skein, then the difference in thickness is just going to be compounded throughout the skein (times 3!).  The head of the skein will be markedly thinner than the tail end.

I am maybe exaggerating how extreme my yarn is.  It goes from a fingering in sections to a dk or even light worsted in other sections.  Maybe I can try to make it a design feature in something that I knit!

It’s time for me to start new spinning.  I have a spinning guild meeting tomorrow so will have to start something!  The wheel has been bare for too long.

I am also totally overwhelmed with different projects I want to start.  So many sweaters!  Too many nice things from the latest Interweave Knits and Vogue!  What are you trying to resist right now?


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