FO: Tulip Dreams Shawl

Awhile ago I got really obsessed with Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton yarn.  It’s a fingering weight cotton yarn made up of four threads (not plied together).  After a long section, one thread is changed to another color until the yarn is entirely a second color.  Each 100 gram skein has three solid colors in it and transitional sections too of course.  The owner, Elisabeth, has a very popular Etsy store.  It used to be one of those stressful situations where you needed to know when she would update the store and then frantically try to buy things before everything was sold out.  I guess that can be fun, but it’s not really my thing.  More recently she has been taking pre-orders.  And it is a much smoother system.  She’ll announce on the Ravelry group which colorways she will be putting together.  And then you just need to email her with your order before she sells out.  I haven’t been right on top of it and I’ve still been able to get something.  It works out better for buyers because it’s less frantic, and I’m sure it helps Elisabeth because she doesn’t have to pay the Etsy commissions.  All of this is to say that my stash of these yarns was growing even though I hadn’t made anything out of the yarn yet!

Cue the Tulip Dreams shawl!:

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Tulip Dreams by AnneLena Mattison from The Sock Report 2012, which I love everything in!

Yarn:  Wolle’s Color Changing Cotton in Purple Almond, 100grams plus 15ish grams of extra purple.

Needles: US5

Start Date: July 26, 2013

Finish Date: August 11, 2013

Mods: Not much.  On Chart 2, some of the cables were written to finish as K2P2 (for example, I don’t remember if that is exactly right) but I did them as just all knits.  The next rows would have knits above them and it seemed smoother to start knitting at the cables instead of purling.

I was worried about how the cotton yarn would block out.  I am used to doing lace on wool yarn.  I did knit the shawl on a larger needle than I would have normally.  I knew I wouldn’t get much stretch out of the final piece.  The yarn blocked nicely.  It kind of has a crisp cotton feel to it.  The yarn was nice to knit with.  It is fairly easy to split the yarn though since it is not plied together.  You just need to be a little more vigilant while knitting.

I did find myself somewhat hesitant about the colors in this yarn.  I didn’t love the starting brown/green color.  And the delineation when it transitions into the next color wasn’t my favorite.  I think this kind of yarn is best served in a lace pattern.  See how sharp the lines are on the stockinette portions of the shawl?  The transitions in the lace get hidden a little bit so it seems a little more organic.  Though I have seen beautiful Citrons knit in this yarn.  Also, the more the colors stay in the same color family the smoother the transitions.  Maybe that is an obvious statement.  I have a crazy skein of this that goes from navy to white to red.  That one may be a little tricky.

This is my EpicKalCal project #7.


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