FO: Apple Washcloths

Well, fine, I’ll do two posts in a row.  My friends Eve and Michele that I talk about all the time, are the moderators for the Annual Dishcloth Swap.  I wasn’t going to participate this year.  I really held out.  Until about the very last possible second!  I was so taken with all the potholders that I was seeing that I cranked out five crochet dishcloths/washcloths in about two days time.  Boy were my hands tired!  (Mostly my fault because I don’t crochet that often and have crochet claw hands.)

Pattern: Apple Dishcloth (crochet) by Lily Sugar n’ Cream on the Michael’s website.

My Rav project page is here.

Yarn:  Sugar ‘n’ Cream in Soft Ecru (cream), Hot Green, Warm Brown and Bernat Handicrafter in Poppy Red and Knit Picks Shine in green.

Crochet Hook: G (4.0mm)

I was able to get all of these done out of one jumbo ball of Ecru (with enough left for another), and really just scraps of the other colors.  Of course I bought full jumbo balls of them which I mostly didn’t need.  Oh well.  I have yarn left over for next year!

I had some trouble with embroidering the seeds.  The pattern recommends using crochet bullion stitch, but that was difficult for me.  One of the cloths, I just did some straight lines with the brown, but I didn’t like how I could see the brown yarn on the back.

For the next three I just left off the seeds entirely.  On my last one, I actually tried to draw the seeds on with a permanent Sharpie!  This didn’t work out, so I embroidered over the pen.  I split the yarn in half, using just two plies and made some quick stitches just going through the top half of the stitches.  If I were to do it again, I would basically just wrap the yarn around a double crochet so that you can see it on the front and back.  Almost reversible.  Though I would recommend splitting the yarn so that it isn’t as thick as full Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn.  If I had given myself enough time I would have gone back to do my other apples like that too.

I am not very good at making tags.  I made some little apple slices and just colored around the rim of the paper with either a highlighter or a Sharpie depending on what color apple the tag was.

I got a bunch of amazing washcloths back!

Aren’t they beautiful!?  Clockwise from top left: Daisy Dishcloth made by Kathysav; Robin’s Nest by pauladean; Dish Pan Bubbles made by Knittenpearl; Dishcloth Doily pattern made by Staceytoo; and Hyperbolic crochet by Rebby.

And because I got a set of five pretty new dishcloths, I decided to actually use another one from my last swap set.  Or maybe even from two years ago!  I am pretty bad about actually using dishcloths.  They are just too cute!  But better to use them then have them shut away in the closet.

But be careful, some of these yarns bleed!  I am not sure what yarn this is from, but maybe Lion brand Cotton.  Yikes!  I’m glad I didn’t throw this into the wash with my clothes!


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