FO: Bender TP Holder

If you know me, you know I like to knit a real mix of things. Sweaters and stuff but also ridiculous stuff. Maybe more ridiculous stuff than normal stuff… I’ve had this crazy pattern in my queue for quite a while and finally got to it.

I am a fan of the show Futurama. A fan in the way that I enjoy the show, but haven’t watched it in probably 6 years and didn’t even really know that the show was cancelled and brought back later until recently. I had assumed that Lucas would like the show considering that he’s worked for Matt Groening and that he likes space stuff, but apparently he doesn’t like it. Whatever.

So let me introduce:

the Bender Toilet Paper Holder!

My Rav page here.

Pattern: Bender, the Guardian of the Bum Fodder by Elizabeth Jarvis

Start Date: June 5, 2013

Finish Date: June 14, 2013

Yarns: Jaeger Roma in light grey and Cascade 220 in dark grey, black and white.  Maybe 200 yds of Roma/MC and not much of the rest.

Needles: US6

Mods:  A few.  The pattern is written for everything to be knit flat in separate pieces.  I still made it in a few pieces, but knit all of it in the round.  For mine, the body is one piece, the head is another, and the arms and legs are separate.  But in the pattern, even the joints of the legs are knit separate and sewn on.  I just did reverse stockinette for a few rounds to get a similar effect.  The fingers are I-cord extensions from the hand stitches.  If I were to do it again, I would maybe do the teeth as intarsia.  I followed the pattern and knit a white rectangle and sewed it in behind the mouth opening.

Profile shot:

His eye mask is knit in one piece in the round and sewn on.  I sewed his head on a little back on his body but mostly because I wasn’t paying attention!  I followed the pattern and put little rounds of thin plastic into the ends of his hands and feet to keep them delineated.

I think he turned out real cute!  It looked huge while I was knitting it.  But it is the perfect size for the Quilted Northern double rolls that I use.  He is almost 6 inches in diameter and 12 inches from his butt to the top of his antenna.  Pretty big!

Here is his new home:

And the money shot!:

I hope you’re out enjoying the beautiful weather (if it’s nice where you are, too)!




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2 responses to “FO: Bender TP Holder

  1. LOL…love it! Nice job!!! 🙂

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