Spinning: Rain City BFL/Silk

Last month was Michele‘s birthday month.  About a week before her actual birthday she gave me some fiber to spin.  The agreement was that I would spin it in exchange for some yarn.  But when I realized that I would see her on her birthday, I made it a priority to have it finished in time to surprise her with it.  I’ve been pretty bad about spinning time recently, so it was good to have an incentive to get stuff done!  I finished it in about four days, which is practically record time for me.

The fiber is 4 oz. of BFL/Silk from Rain City Fiber Arts.  Michele bought it when we went to Convergence, the weaving conference, last year.

I split the roving in half length-wise.  Then spun it into 2 plies.

I hoped that I had, 1. split the fiber in half evenly and 2. spun the fiber at a consistent thickness.  If those two things happen, then when plying I should end up with both bobbins finishing at the same time. (Same yardage on each bobbin.)  But that never happens with me.  And it definitely didn’t happen this time!  I had like 50 yards left on my second bobbin.  As always, I had to andean ply the last little bit.

Bobbin close-up:

Don’t worry, this is a full bobbin, not what was left after plying!

The goal was also for the striping to line up together when plying.  That dream ended pretty soon once I started.  The resulting yarn has more barber poling than I would have liked, but still came out nice looking.

Michele had requested anywhere from a fingering to a worsted.  I had aimed for DK, but was closer to fingering.  I wrote down how many yards there were, but I forgot.  It’s more than 300 yards.

I’m excited to see what Michele makes out of it!  I don’t always like the look of silk in blends (looks acrylic-like to me sometimes) but I really liked this fiber blend.  Wonderful to spin and had a great sheen.

Blurry closeup!:

I was even on such a kick that I finished up some other spinning that I had started months before.  But that will be for another day.

More to come soon, I’ve been pretty productive!




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4 responses to “Spinning: Rain City BFL/Silk

  1. This is really lovely. I hope your friend enjoys it!

  2. I was just hugging that hank of beautiful last night (safely protected by a ziplock baggie – no worries!). That yarn is so beautiful! Thanks so much Jill!!!

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