Sewing FO: Striped Drawstring Bag

I decided to join in on the Great Skein after Skein Sewing Bee.  The idea is to have a different sewing challenge every month (Great British Sewing Bee style) starting with an easy pattern and slowly progressing in difficulty.  This month is the Jeni‘s Lined Drawstring Bag.  Since I made one of these a few months ago, I thought I would take it to the next level.  For this one, I followed her Striped Drawstring Bag Tutorial.

I don’t have a ton of scraps so I used my leftovers from my first quilt that I finished a couple months ago.  Here are my fabric pieces after I did the paper piecing of my diagonal stripes:

I used the only interfacing that I had to stiffen up the pieced panels.  In hindsight I would have used a thinner interfacing because now my little bag is a little stiff.

And here’s the finished bag:

The lining is the anchor fabric that was my quilt backing:

I love it!  The contrast fabric on the outside doesn’t contrast quite as much as I’d hoped, but I don’t really care too much!  These bags really do go together quickly.  Somehow this one took me an entire day, but at least half of it was making my striped fabric.  It definitely came together quicker this time than with my first one.  That one was before I had a rotary cutter!

You should whip one of these up this weekend!


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