FO: Scraps n Fats Quilt

Holy shit, I finished it!  Here she is, my first quilt.

Pattern: Scraps n Fat Quilt by Bloom Creek

Fabrics: a kit put together by Connecting Threads using their Sail Away (?) fabrics.

Size: 77″ x 86″  Or that’s what the pattern says.  I might be off a bit.

I used the Warm & Natural Cotton Batting and backed the quilt with the anchor fabric.

Here it is all laid out:

I quilted it using Connecting Threads cotton thread in Silver.  I used an allover stipple in the body of the quilt, and did two rows of loops in the borders.

Here are a few more quilting close-ups:

The stippling was easier than I thought it would be.  There is the occasional sharp angle on my stitching, but not too many.  I thought it would be harder to not cross lines.  I then got kind of cocky and was sure that the border quilting would be really easy too.  I had planned on doing spirals in the borders, but it turns out I am awful with doing large circles.  And following a drawn line was harder than I thought too!  I had to do a fair amount of practice, then some ripping out.

I drew horizontal lines on the border using chalk, breaking the border width down into quarters.  Then I started the loops using the center line as a base line, and using the quarter line as the stopping point for the small loops.  It is like drawing an e, then an l, over and over.  It worked out better when I did it freehand like this than when I tried to draw them all out.  If I do more quilting, I could be tempted to get a pounce pad and a grid stencil to mark my quilts with.

And to finish it off, I made a quilt label.  I wrote the words out using a chalk pencil, then I followed the letters using backstitch.  In the future I might want to learn some other embroidery stitches though.

I haven’t used my quilt yet, but it is already covered in cat hair…  There are definitely things that I need to improve on with my next quilt, but I am over the moon with how this one turned out!  I might take a break before I start another one!



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4 responses to “FO: Scraps n Fats Quilt

  1. Are you sure this is your first quilt?! It looks amazing.

  2. Amazing! You did such a great job and I love your decision on the label.

    LOVE IT!!!

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