Opinions needed!

I’ve started a shawl with some yarn from my stash.  The yarn is Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock in Purple Club.  It has a bunch of different purples in it.  It has been difficult to find a project to knit with it where the yarn doesn’t overpower the pattern.

I’ve had this shawl pattern in my queue for a while.  It’s the Westport Shawl by Sarah Wilson.  Her group on Ravelry (The Sexy Knitter) is doing a KAL right now.  And what I had loved about this shawl was how great it looked in a variegated yarn.

But now that I’ve started this shawl, I’m not so sure.

Part of me still likes it.  I like how the stockinette section looks.  But the lace is pretty garbled.  I don’t want this to be a project that people look at and cluck their tongues and shake their heads about my bad yarn choice.




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5 responses to “Opinions needed!

  1. I love it, but, its your project. You’ll be the one to look at it the most. Its what you think that counts.

  2. I like it too. I really don’t think the lace section of the shawl is THAT intricate that the variegated yarn makes it confusing. I get it. I like it. Go for it!

  3. It looks nice. I see what you are worried about, but I think when it is complete it will really look loely. variegated yarns are so difficult to picture sometimes, but keep going, it will come together.

  4. Katie K

    I’ve run into similar problems with lace projects, so I understand your concern. Would you consider over-dyeing it when it’s done to even out the tonal differences? The lace section doesn’t look like it will read.

  5. elainebeth

    It looks a little “busy” too me and appears to distract from the lace pattern. However, the yarn is pretty.

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