First Quilt Update!

I’ve been working a fair amount on my quilt.  The top has been done for a couple weeks.  I am critical of all my mistakes and all the squares that don’t line up, but it’s also my first quilt so I am allowing myself some sloppiness.  I am using a cotton batting that would shrink up to 3% with washing, so I decided to pre-wash it.  This was easier said than done, trying to soak a queen size batting in a kitchen sink!

My finished quilt top is about 74″x86″.  I created a two piece backing out of the white anchor fabric that I used in the quilt.  I had read in a book that you should piece the backing in three pieces, with a 1/2 section in the middle and 1/4 sections on the side to avoid having a seam going halfway through the quilt.  I ended up getting a little lazy for that.  I tried to line up the pattern the best that I could.  It isn’t perfect but after quilting shouldn’t be too obvious.

Then I laid it all out and made my quilt sandwich.  The backing, face down, the batting and then my quilt top face up.  I went through and basted it using curved safety pins, starting in the middle.  Books say to put the pins a fist width apart.  My squares are about that size, so I just pinned in the center of each square.

I didn’t think it would take me that long to put all those pins in, but I ended up staying up past 2 am that night to get it all done!

I started the quilting on Wednesday night.  I had done a bit of practicing with my free motion quilting.  I decided to stick with an overall pattern.  And since I’m still learning, I started with a basic stipple.  I’ve made some mistakes, but I am being pretty easy-going about this and haven’t ripped out.

I think I will do a different pattern on the edging, but I’m not sure what yet.  Maybe rows of large spirals.  I might have to mark that out ahead of time.  I don’t really trust my free hand skills.  I need to practice on relaxing while quilting.  My shoulders are up near my ears the whole time and my forearms are getting awfully tired!  But the quilting might be done this weekend!



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