Lucas’s New Thing

Hi all,

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  We went over to a friend’s house and had dinner and watched the first part of The King of Kings (1960).  We left after dessert and intermission.  We already knew how it turned out.  We have been doing a low-sugar thing for Lent this year.  We had to add on a few days because we cheated a little bit.  But Thursday we are back on schedule for sugar!  I need to stop at the store today and pick up some sale Easter candy!

The other day, Lucas got really intrigued with the concept of needle felting.  I showed him my Wool Pets book and he was obsessed!  Four hours later and he finished this:

Cute, right?!  He wanted a giraffe but I didn’t have any giraffe colors and he wanted it to be more colorful.  He gave it to his friend’s daughters and now he needs to make another one.  He is now insisting that needle felting is his new thing.

I need to buy him some packs of fiber for his new hobby.  We’ll see what other cute animals are in our future!


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One response to “Lucas’s New Thing

  1. Georgie

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen… Needle felting sounds intriguing, never heard of it before!

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