Tasty Tuesday: Denny’s grilled cheese

The night that we stayed in Puyallup we were so tired! Mostly because we got on the road around 6am! And shopping is tiring, right?

For dinner it was all we could do to walk over to the Denny’s in the hotel parking lot. I hadn’t been to Denny’s in years. And I can’t say that I necessarily recommend it…

But what did I find on the menu? The $4 value menu, no less? A grilled cheese sandwich filled with mozzarella sticks. I am not shitting you. $4 includes the fries.


I ordered a salad too, just to feel better about myself. And snagged some of my Mom’s broccoli. And if I had been eating sugar, you can believe I would have tried a Blueberry Pancake Puppy sundae. Blueberry Pancake Puppies are like little aebleskiber/pancake balls filled with blueberries and white chocolate chips. Oh, and cream cheese frosting drizzled on top!

My Mom wasn’t as tempted as I was.


On a fancier note, I went to some really good restaurants in the East Hollywood areas. Barbrix on Hyperion in Silverlake had amazing tapas. It was a bit pricey, but I always think that with tapas. Vinoteca Farfalla is also recommended. We ordered the risotto that is served in a parmesan wheel:


I also went to Maximiliano in Highland Park because my friends just bought a house a few blocks away. And it was delicious! Wish I had tried the pizza too!

Or maybe green bagels from Ralph’s is more your speed?



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