Sew Expo

To follow up from last week…  I flew up to Portland and my Mom and I drove up to Puyallup, WA.  We spent the weekend at the SewExpo at the State Fairgrounds.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a lot of fun!  We couldn’t get into any of the longer classes/workshops, but we went to six different 45-minute classes.  Some were more informative than others.  Some felt a little bit like a sales pitch for the teacher.  They were on a variety of topics, including paper piecing, free motion quilt edgings and unusual bindings.  Since I’m still a quilting beginner, some of it went right over my head.

And then there was the shopping!  Hundreds of booths from local stores and companies and some from afar.  I even ran into someone I know from the knitting and sewing guilds in Los Angeles!  I didn’t buy too much.  Some patterns and a little bit of fabric.  I guess I should have pictures of all that…  They were pushing social networking there and encouraged photo taking.  I took pictures of some of my favorite quilts that I saw there.  If the owners of these quilts see them and want me to take them down, just let me know!  It would be good if I had the program still so I could give better credit.

This Springtime in New York quilt was at the Superior Thread booth.  I bought the pattern too.  I might have to try my hand at paper piecing for this one.  I am finding myself obsessed with quilting (you know, like free motion quilting) even though I suspect I will not be good at it.  I was paying a lot of attention to the awesome quilting on all of the display quilts.  (For non-quilters, the sewing together of the top of quilt is called piecing, and the act of sewing together the layers of the quilt is the actual quilting.  For example the quilted feathers on the border of the quilt above.)  Here’s another cute one from the same booth.

Feeling Crabby.  The crabs have that texture magic stuff on them so they are all crinkly.

This quilt was called Urban Candy.  I am really into this one.  Maybe I just really like the grey combined with the bright florals.  The booth was from Quiltworks Northwest.

This one was at the Pine Needle booth.  I love these colors.  I think batiks can be tricky, but I am drawn to them!

Like this one at the Stitchin’ Post booth.  I love it.  But my Mom made the comment that everyone would think you just bought it at Cost Plus (I guess I should call it World Market now, but that re-branding never stuck with me.).

You know I’m into novelty items, so I was totally obsessed with all this food fabric:

I didn’t give in and buy any though.  I could probably get it at Michael Levine’s downtown if I really need some later.  My Mom did buy me a kit to make a cute potholder that looks like a little pie.  I also bought myself a pattern to make potholders that look like chickens.  I am such a sucker for things that look like other things!  Or things made tiny or huge.

I can’t really say that I took off on my quilt project after we got back.  But I did eventually put in the time (like 6+ hours this weekend) and I finished piecing my first quilt!  Borders and everything.  I need to baste it all together with the batting and backing, then figure out how I am going to quilt it.  I’m tempted to do some straight line quilting, just to get ‘er done, but I might try some free motion quilting.  I think I will really have to put in some practice time first!  I am also reading up on different patterns and trying to come up with a quilting plan.  It’s a good thing that I am not being a perfectionist on this quilt, because it will probably be a real mess.


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