Rose City Yarn Crawl

I had a Tasty Tuesday post all set to write, and then I forgot to upload my pictures.  But I meant to post this last week, so I’ll push everything back.

The weekend before the one that just ended, I flew up to the Northwest to spend some time with my Mom and family.  I flew up to Portland, spent a day there and then the two of us drove up to Puyallup, WA to go to the SewExpo.  Since I had a full day in Camas, we decided to join in on the Rose City (Portland) Yarn Crawl.  There were 18 stores participating, and we made it to four.  That isn’t a ton, but both of us were trying to keep our yarn purchases low.

We went to Dublin Bay Knitting Company (a beautiful store!), Pearl Fiber Arts, Angelika’s Yarn Store, and Twisted.  I did pretty good about purchases.  My Mom bought me this skein of Bamboo Bloom at Angelika’s.

It’s not my normal style of yarn, but I think I’ll make a cowl out of it.  Maybe just plain stockinette, but then purling when the big puffs come around.

This was my second trip to Twisted, and I love it so much!  I was trying not to buy anything unless I really loved the yarn.  And I lost all resolve once we got there.  Maybe it was this little face that did it!

A real lamb!  It was adorable.  I never realized that people banded lamb’s tails.  I didn’t know that sheep have long tails naturally.  Hmm.

I did buy some Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns.  I got two large skeins of Victoria in color Mossley Manly.

And Socks That Rock Lightweight in Henpecked.

I have a couple skeins of STR at home that I need to use.  I saw a beautiful woven scarf on Ravelry using some and now I’m kind of obsessed with weaving a scarf with it.  I’ll have to wait until I go back home to use my Mom’s loom again!

We had a lot of fun in Puyallup, but I’ll post about that soon.


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  1. All those skeins are nice, especially the blue one.

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