FO!: Lace Coat

It finally happened!  Something got finished and photos were taken!  And I am so excited about how this one turned out!

Pattern: #01 Lace Coat by Brooke Nico from Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2012

Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in Nocturne Heather, just under 5 skeins.

Needles: US4 for the skirt of the coat, and US1.5 (2.5mm) for the bodice and sleeves

My Rav page here.

Mods and notes: The pattern has a neat construction.  It starts with the bottom ruffle which is knit sideways.  Then stitches are picked up for the skirt portion.  This is lace yarn held double for the skirt.

At the top of the skirt, the waistband is knit side to side, joining with the skirt stitches as you go.  I had to do the waistband a couple times because the first time I thought I had memorized the pattern, and had forgotten two rows in each repeat.  Then I redid it.  Then I realized I was joining the waist to the skirt at the wrong ratio, and ripped it out.  Then I redid it, again.  And then I put it against my body and realized the waist was huge.  My gauge was way off.  And I wanted to make sure that the waist nipped in.  I ripped it out, again.  The final time I knit only 9 leaves instead of 11 leaves as called for in my size.  I then made sure I remembered to pick up the right amount of bodice stitches for my size instead of accidentally making the smaller bodice.

The sleeves are knit from the bottom up separately and then joined together with the bodice for raglan decreases.  The top of the garment is knit with lace weight held singly.  It is a little snug in the bodice, but I am happy with it.  My sleeves are shorter than in the pattern, but I think it’s just because of my gauge.  I had thought the next needle up would have been a little too loose.  I hope I find some uses for it!  It isn’t necessarily the most useful garment.  The buttons I used were little vintage buttons that Lucas’s roommate gave me for Christmas last year.

I’m also getting close on Vivian!  I need to start swatching for new projects… like yesterday!




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8 responses to “FO!: Lace Coat

  1. It’s lovely! I am sure you will get more use out of it than you think. THe first lace shawl I knit, I was sure it would sit int he drawer, but I have used it more than I thoguht I would – and so since, have made several as gift – watch out – now that you have perfected the pattern, you will want more. 🙂 I love the ruffled edging, it really adds some splash to the outfit.

    • jborders

      Thank you! I have been surprised that my lace shawls are some of my most used knit items! Hopefully this will make it into regular rotation!


      • it will. It’s too pretty not to wear by the way, did you check the VK site for pattern corrections? I was looking for some corrections on a pattern I am working on and saw your coat there. Might be some of the pieces you struggled with.

  2. Really lovely coat, Jill. I can see this piece over tight jeans and a tank top too!

    • jborders

      Thank you Ellen! I definitely need to give this a try with a few other outfits to make sure it makes it into regular rotation!


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