Getting there…

I finished something! My lace coat is all done and blocked. I put an outfit together and was going to get pictures taken today at work. And then I left my camera at home! Ugh. They’ll happen in the next day or so.

But, I did finish making all the little blocks for my quilt top! Here are most of them all arranged on my floor:


I had already picked up a couple rows off the floor before I remembered to take a picture. There was a small mistake in the pattern and I had to make four extra squares to make it work out. There was a typo that said I needed 64 of one block, though 68 are really necessary. Luckily I still had the extra cut out pieces.

I think it will take me a while to sew all 261 squares together! And now that I only have one project on the needles, I really need to start swatching for something new before I get left with nothing on the needles! FO pictures coming soon!


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