Random IPhone photos

Nope, still nothing to show on the knitting front, though getting closer. Here are some random pictures I have on my phone!

A sign on the door of a hair salon in Santa Monica:


“Imitation Cake Flavor” vodka!:

I can’t decide if that sounds gross or kind of delicious.

Lucas made a zombie picture of me using a free Walking Dead app:

Isn’t my ear necklace beautiful?

An assortment of items I saw in the little park near the Culver City Trader Joes. Near the gazebo with the Tai Chi people.

It might be hard to see what is in the photo. It is three black heeled shoes, all three different, and a pair of underwear. Raises a few questions!

That’s it for today! I am a few rows away from finishing my lace cardigan/coat!


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One response to “Random IPhone photos

  1. Lisa

    Cake vodka? Yes, please. I have the whipped cream vodka sitting next to the bubble gum vodka in my freezer. Your zombie picture is scary!

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