Nautical Themes

Here is what has been keeping me from finishing up my knitting projects:

My first quilt!:

I’ve spent a few long days working on it so far.  I have to make over 200 of these 5″ blocks.  I have about half of them done.  For a while I’ve been reading quilting blogs and thought I would start with something super modern or with asymmetrical large blocks.  But I ultimately didn’t feel like taking a long time picking out fabrics and stressing myself out about My. First. Quilt.  So I bought this kit from Connecting Threads!  It was on sale, and I was just really into the fabrics.  I think they are so cute up close, mostly all nautical themed.  The quilt pattern is a little more traditional than I thought I would start with, but I just wanted to jump into doing something!

I’m enjoying the piecing together so far.  I love being able to chain piece!  (That’s where you sew a series of pieces together with just some empty stitches in between and then cut them apart after.  It’s quicker than cutting the threads and starting over each seam).  Though I did have a dream where I pulled a long string of pieces out of my bed like a circus clown.  Before you cut them apart they look like a long piece of bunting.  So far my biggest challenge has been trying to square up fabric.  I am awful at it!  I think it is straight and then after cutting, notice all my prints have a slight diagonal skew to them.  Oh well.  That’s what first quilts are for!  I have an arbitrary deadline of having the piecing done by the end of February when I go to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo with my Mom in Puyallup.

I am kind of obsessed with nautical themes.  Which is kind of weird because I have no Navy or seaside background, somewhat dislike overt patriotism and puke whenever I’m on the ocean!

In 2011 I knit up this Delancey Cardigan (my rav page here)

With little anchor buttons!  I don’t wear it much though because I always feel a little dumpy in it.

I also recently got some custom ordered Sven Clogs. They were a birthday gift from Lucas!

They would be perfect with a vintage style nautical outfit.  Or something with a sailor collar!  The problem with custom orders is that you can’t see how they’ll look before you get them.  I really like these, but have had some trouble finding things to wear them with.  If they were all navy blue they would probably be a lot more useful in my wardrobe.

Back to knitting soon!



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