FO: Rigid Heddle scarf

I’ve been meaning to show these pictures for a while. While I was at home my Mom set me up on her Ashford rigid heddle loom. We warped the loom using the continuous loop method (I just called it that. I’m not actually sure what it’s called, but we didn’t cut individual strands for each warp. Clearly I don’t know anything about weaving.)

We used a yarn with long color repeats. It is also a bit sticky, so that made it a little more difficult.


Rav page here
Yarn: Viking of Norway Nordlys in color way 964
Start date: Dec. 22, 2012
Finish date: Dec. 27, 2012

We had 90 warp threads and the width of the scarf came out to 8″. The finished length is only 4 feet, but we had plenty of yarn left, so could have made it longer and still made it under one skein.

To make it more interesting we added in a 1/2 inch cardboard spacer every 7 rows/weft threads. This leads to the equivalent of dropped stitches. Open space instead of tight weave. Again, the yarn was very sticky (enough to make it difficult to go from up position to down position without the threads sticking and lightly felting together) so we thought it would definitely stay in place. But I have noticed that the weft has already moved itself around a bit to make the spacings look less intentional and more sloppy.


My edges also look terrible! I didn’t quite get used to having the right kind of tension. I’m sure my next weaving project will turn out better!

Here’s a picture of me working on the loom.


I am wearing a crocheted infinity cowl that my Mom made me for Christmas! She used a different color way of Nordlys for that one. The emailed picture probably doesn’t look very good, huh?


It was fun learning something new. Next time I am home I will have to try something else on the loom. Do you have any good inspirational weaving projects to show me?


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