Holiday wrap-up

For Christmas this year, I went home to my parents’ house in Camas, WA.  Camas is right across the Columbia River from Portland.  We are almost a suburb of Portland.  I hadn’t been home for a full year, so it was nice to be back!  Here are some pictures from my trip (mostly of food!).

My Dad and I went to my favorite sushi place, Saburo’s in SE Portland.  There is always a crazy line.  We had to wait outside for an hour!  And outside in Portland is a lot colder than outside in Los Angeles.  You can’t really tell the scale of the sushi from this picture.  One of those salmon pieces would be about the size of my palm.  And still really tender, delicious and relatively cheap!

I think this is the only Christmas food tradition we have that happens every year without fail.  Making the Borders Family Christmas Cookies.  They feel like a lot of work and we don’t even frost them!  They are cut-out sugar cookies that are sprinkled with sugar before baking.  I love the white doughy ones and most of the family likes them dark brown, so we try to make a mix.  There were many other kinds of cookies around at home too, but these are our traditional ones.

The neighbors have a massive kiwi tree that hangs over into our yard, for an area of about 100 ft.  Seriously.  Here is the haul that we brought in this year.  I couldn’t find the pictures of us picking them.  I wish I had brought some kiwis home with me!

We’re just about ready to open presents here.  There’s a bit of extra disarray with our Christmas junk everywhere!

We had just filled up on Stuffed French Toast that my Mom made with blueberries from their yard.  It was delicious but extremely filling.  The recipe called for challah, but it was very difficult to get any kind of egg bread in Vancouver, WA (our closest town).  I get so used to all my “ethnic” foods in Los Angeles.

Another family tradition: jigsaw puzzles!  We did 4-5 puzzles while I was at home!  We set up a special table for it.  This is my Mom and Uncle.  In front is my Mom’s rigid heddle loom that she set up for me.  I’ll show you what I made on it later!  My Mom is wearing socks that I knit for her a few years back!  (Sorry for the iPhone pictures!)

A trip home is not complete without a trip to Elmer’s Pancake House!  This is a local chain (weirdly, also in Palm Springs) that is known for its breakfast.  I don’t know if it’s very trendy but it is a classic for me.  I always get the German Pancake.  A few years back they changed the name to a Dutch Baby, which I believe is the common name of this kind of crepe/pancake.  But maybe they got some customer complaints because they changed it back to a German Pancake.  I don’t care what they call it, I will always order it.  I’ve made a couple at home with varying success.  I meant to write down the Cook’s Illustrated recipe that my Dad had, but I forgot.

I think that’s all the pictures I have for you today.  I had such a good time at home it was hard to come back to reality!  And now it’s just a normal work week.  And a full five days too, sigh!  I’ve been knitting away with little to show for it.




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3 responses to “Holiday wrap-up

  1. Looks like you had a DELICIOUS Christmas!

  2. Georgie

    That post made me so hungry!!!

  3. Lauren

    I liked “meeting” your family! Looks like you all had a good time. What did you do with all those kiwis?

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