Sewing FO: Lined Zippered Box Pouch

Hi all,I may be a little blog silent for a week or so, so thought I should take this occasion to show off something I made a couple months ago.  This ended up being my birthday present to my Mom.  My Mom taught me how to do all of the crafty things that I do, and has even enabled new things since I’ve been an adult, like spinning.  She is definitely worthy of receiving all my handmade items because I know that she appreciates the time that goes into them!

Part of the reason I wanted a new sewing machine is because I wanted to make up cute little project bags.  I made my little drawstring bag and wanted to move on to box pouches.  I love these little zippered pouches for holding all my works in progress.

I had found a few tutorials online, but finally settled in on this one.  I liked that the final pouch is fully lined.  I found the finished pouch a little small for my liking (3″x4″x7″), and would make it a little bigger next time.  This one would probably fit a sock in progress or hat though.  I used an Asian-style print that was in my stash from years ago when I was in college and thought I would sew all my clothes.  I tried to make a pair of pajama pants from this fabric and they ended up like harem pants.  And then I was done with sewing, except for Halloween costumes.

I am trying to learn something new with every project.  This was my first time sewing in a zipper.  I used my zipper foot and everything!  Not that hard!  It has also inspired me to sew in a zipper to my next knit cardigan, though I realize that is a different skill set.

I even tried out some fun stitches from my sewing machine for the little zipper tabs.

I need to make one for me now!  Sadly my new sewing habit is messing with my knitting progress.  I bought a quilt kit (here’s a link to the pattern) from Connecting Threads and am working on my first quilt.  I could probably have picked out my own fabrics and started with a basic quilt, but I wanted to jump right on in and get started.  I have some of my blocks finished already.  It’s a little traditional, but the nautical prints are so cute!  Maybe I’ll be more willing to experiment after I finish my first one.  So much is dependent on fabric choices that it’s a little daunting.  An interesting pattern can easily be a real mess if it’s too busy.

Also, I managed to like pinch a nerve in my shoulder or something just cutting out fabric!  I was really pressing down on that ruler!  My fingers were kind of numb for over a week.  Maybe I should have stopped a lot sooner instead of cutting out fabric for five hours…

I’ll pop back on soon.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So cute!

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