I was lucky to get to meet this little cutie last week:


My boss rescued Daisy from a bad living situation. He brought her in to work a couple days. She is so adorable! I think he might have found a home for her this weekend, but if you’re looking for a sweet puppy, she may still be available.


It was a lot of fun playing with her, but it was starting to stress me out. I just felt like every moment should be a training opportunity and I was worried about reinforcing/teaching bad habits. I hope I’m not this uptight when I have children!

I love dogs but they don’t really fit into my full-time job, apartment lifestyle. My cats are much more suited to it. And there’s something nice about just showing a kitten a litter box and not worrying about housebreaking.


And so much energy! It was hard to get any pictures with her in focus.

Speaking of dogs, Thanksgiving Turkey Dog (aka Lucy)made an appearance at my Palm Springs Thanksgiving weekend. Parrot Dog made an appearance as well, though not as holiday relevant.


Okay, that’s enough dogs for one day. Let me know if you’d like to meet Daisy, and I’ll see if she’s found a new home yet.


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