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FO: Drift Cabled Blanket

Hi all,

I hope you had a a wonderful holiday weekend.  I went to Palm Spring with some friends and had a great time lounging out by the pool.  I am plugging away at projects and not making much progress.  But!  I did finally finish this baby blanket that was weighing me down.

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Pattern: Drift by tincanknits

Yarn: Naturally Tussock 10-ply in Oatmeal, just over 7 skeins.

Needles: 4.5mm, US7

Start Date: November 2, 2012

Finish Date: November 18, 2012

This was actually a very lovely pattern.  The pattern has directions for a triangular shawl and a rectangular blanket, knit in aran weight yarn.  My version is done in a tweed-ish yarn so the cables don’t look as clean as if done in a solid yarn.  The yarn has a thick wool ply with a novelty polyester thread plied with it, causing a tweed/marled look.  I had this yarn in my stash from years ago, and I think it is one of the colors that makes me look sick so I decided I didn’t need to save it for a sweater.

The pattern was very straight-forward.  For some reason this was a bit of a labored project for me.  I was knitting as a gauge a little denser than the yarn wanted to be knit up at (though still much looser than the ballband gauge…) and I had a lot of trouble moving the stitches around my cable.  I feel like I spent as much time rotating my stitches as I did actually knitting.  I did the cabling without a cable needle, but it was feeling really tight on those rounds.  When I went to block it, I realized that the cabled sections were extremely tight and restricted me from stretching the blanket out as much as I wanted to.  The cables basically form a rectangle in the middle of the blanket, and they refuse to be stretched out any larger.  If I were to do it again, I would use a size 8 for the whole thing, and a 9 for the cabled sections.  My final dimensions were about 3’x3′.

I wish I needed a baby present so this could go to good use.  Though, I did make it wool, so that it could be blocked into shape, but now I worry about what mother I could give this to that wouldn’t immediately shrink it in the wash.  After all my puking in Catalina the other week, my knitting group joked that I was making it for my own baby in nine months.  But no worries there. 🙂

This was my first test knit for the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry.  I enjoy test knitting, though I’ve only done few tests.  It is fun to see patterns early, plus there is a bit of a tech editor in me.  I like finding little errors.  But one drawback is feeling like you are on someone else’s time schedule instead of your own.  Right now I am trying to finish up some gift socks and make some coffee cozies for the Portlandia Co-Op.  Then it is all about selfish knitting!  I am a selfish knitter at heart, so can’t wait to get back to my bulging project queue.  Are you currently overwhelmed with holiday knitting?


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FO: Lace Jewelry Frame

I’ve currently been working on a test knit of a baby blanket that is taking up all of my crafting time!  I don’t know why I decided to do it.  But anyway, that’s why I haven’t really been finishing much recently.  Also, this blanket is in aran weight, so I don’t know why it is taking me so long.
But!  I did finish up a couple small projects before embarking on the blanket.  Back when I cut (shaved) part of my hair off, I decided to start wearing earrings again.  My earring collection went from one pair to about six pairs.  Still not very many, but it was creating a real mess around my jewelry box.  I decided to make a knit jewelry frame.

Nice lighting and framing on that picture, huh?

I found a cheap frame at Goodwill, for about $3 and took out the glass and backing.  I used this pattern from Stitch Diva.  It is a free pattern, but be forewarned that you will have to create a Stitch Diva account in order to download the .pdf.  You really can use any lace pattern that you want, but this pattern uses the Seafoam stitch pattern.  I used some leftover Dream in Color Starry (sparkly!) and had just enough.  Luckily the superwash yarn really stretched out to fit.  The purple fabric is something that I just had in the stash.  So really this just took a few hours and $3!

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Pattern: Knitted Lace Jewelry Frame by Jennifer Hansen

Yarn: Dream in Color Starry in Pansy Golightly, about .15 skeins (70 yds)

Needles: US4

Start Date: October 10, 2012

Finish Date: October 20, 2012 (though it didn’t take very many hours).

It probably took the same amount of time to staple down the edges and make it look neat as it did to knit it.  My little rectangle of lace knitting looked like it wouldn’t fit at all, but the superwash really grew with washing and easily made it.  My frame is 10″x12″ so a bit bigger than the ones in the pattern.  I added on my earrings and my shawl pins.  Earrings with posts won’t fit on the frame really.  I got most of those big wood earrings dirt cheap from this seller on Etsy.

I need to figure out another system for all my necklaces.  Some jewelry frames add a button on to hang necklaces, but I have quite a few chunky ones that wouldn’t fit on there.  Maybe I should make an antler display like this one from A Beautiful Mess.  Or maybe I’ll mount on some old drawer pulls onto a piece of wood and call it a day.  How do you organize your jewelry?


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Tasty Tuesday: Catalina Buffalo Milk

Sorry for the brief absence. It’s been a busy week. Lucas and I went to Catalina Island for the weekend. I’ve wanted to go for years, and we finally made it. It was a little cold, but it was beautiful.

Here’s a view from our hike:


We stayed at the Hotel Atwater which was a perfect fit for us. A historic 1920’s building with budget pricing. We left out of San Pedro on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday evening.

I took Dramamine before we departed, but it wasn’t strong enough! We were told that it was going to be exceptionally rough on the passage. And it lived up to the hype. In fact, I puked two out of the three days we were there. And no, the second day wasn’t on the boat back to Los Angeles, but actually at sea while snorkeling! And I mean while snorkeling, not in a kayak before snorkeling…


Anyway… Lucas has discovered his new favorite drink: Buffalo Milk! There are buffalo on the island, but the drink does not have any relation to them. This is supposedly the island’s signature drink. We sampled three of them during this trip. We’ve heard that everyone has their own recipe.


Here’s a recipe that I’ve adapted from a few sources online:

Enough ice to fill a hurricane glass
1/2 shot creme de cacao (a mix of light and dark is ideal)
1/2 shot Kahlua
1 shot Vodka
1/2 shot cream, or half and half
1/2 banana (or 1/4 shot creme de banane)
Whipped cream and nutmeg for garnish

Blend the ingredients and ice together until it reaches the desired consistency. Some recipes even call for vanilla ice cream instead of the cream! Don’t mind if I do! You can omit the Kahlua from the blending and drizzle it on top instead. In any case, it is delicious. Our favorite came from Antonio’s Pizzeria.

Here’s me after enjoying a Buffalo Milk at Luau Larry’s:


I hope you enjoy! I’ll have to buy some creme de cacao so that I’ll be able to enjoy a bit of Catalina at home whenever I want!
ETA: Lucas has been doing some more experimenting.  Here’s his new blend:

1/2 shot Creme de Cacao

1/2 shot Kahlua

1/2 shot Banana Liqueur

1 shot Vodka

2 scoops Vanilla ice cream

1/4 Banana


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In case you weren’t aware of it, there’s an election going on today. Ha. Don’t forget to vote! In Los Angeles County find your polling place at And don’t put those absentee ballets in the mail anymore, you have to drop them off at the polling place.

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