Tasty Tuesday: LA coffee shops

On Sunday I picked up Lucas from the airport and we went on a real food bender. We started it off with brunch at Pann’s, an amazing Los Angeles institution. Opened in 1958 in the Googie style of architecture. It is still family owned and operated. I had a breakfast special with fried chicken, eggs, grits and a biscuit. I had been years ago but for some reason hadn’t made it back there. Lucas had never been before despite being a Los Angeles native. We are now in love with this place! It is so well maintained and the clientele was so diverse. It just has a real authenticity that you don’t get every day. I forgot to get Lucas’s pictures, but here’s one of their original menu:


It’s definitely worth a trip. I know Ellen is a big fan and she knows all the hot spots!

After brunch we went over to Target and then just had to stop by See’s Candies. See’s started in Los Angeles though the factory on La Cienega isn’t the first location. We only got a few pieces of candy. My old favorite was the Scotchmallow, but ever since I discovered the Butterscotch Square there has been no going back. It tastes like it’s virtually brown sugar in a chocolate casing. Yum!

That afternoon we went and saw The Master at the Westside Pavilion. For dinner we ate at The Apple Pan. Since I don’t eat red meat, I always get the egg salad sandwich, and fries of course.

Meat eaters seem to think the thing to get is the Hickoryburger.

My only saving grace from the day of eating was that I didn’t order any pie! Despite the name, I find the apple pie at Apple Pan to be a little lackluster. I always get the banana cream pie which is really something special.

Recently there has been a turnover in staff at Apple Pan, which is a little sad, but people have to retire some time!

The next day for lunch, I ended up at the 101 Coffee Shop. I like going there too, but after going to such great authentic restaurants it feels a little contrived. It was re-modeled sometime recently and is now very retro styled and a real haven for Hollywood hipsters. Worth a stop though, if you’re in the area.

Hopefully better pictures to come in the future!


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  1. Wow, Jill! You really made the rounds of L.A. landmarks….including the Landmark Theater! Yes, Pann’s is my MOST fave coffee shop in the WORLD! All of the food is great. In fact, I want to go to there right now. Apple Pan, though a cool looking spot and still family-owned, has never done it for me as far as the food is concerned. Meh. 101..good, but not as good as Pann’s. See’s….always fantastic! This is the factory where the famous “I Love Lucy” episode was filmed! Welcome to L.A.!

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