Sewing FO!: Lined Drawstring Bag

I am not much of a sew-er.  I just wrote that out, and realized that that is really probably not a word or it wouldn’t look almost identical to sewer.  I’ve had an old Pfaff sewing machine (1970’s?) for about 10 years that I got from a friend’s grandmother.  It is extremely heavy and is part of a side table.  It got jammed or out of alignment a couple years ago and I just haven’t used it since.  And really all that I sew is Halloween costumes, so I didn’t worry about it too much.
But I have gotten a lot more sewing curious since a lot of bloggers that I read have gotten into quilting and sewing over the years.  And last month, my friends Eve and Michele hosted a little bag sewing challenge.  I was kind of sad that I couldn’t participate.  And low and behold, guess what was delivered to me at work?  A new sewing machine, courtesy of my Mom!  It was an early birthday present.  So exciting!

I immediately went out to Jo-Ann’s and bought some fabric.  And two days within getting my new machine, I made this bag:

I used this tutorial to make this lined drawstring bag.  Very easy!  It only took me an evening, and that included setting up my machine and trying to cut straight lines without a ruler or rotary cuter.  I have some sewing experience, but I am totally still a beginner.

Here is the inside:

Okay, so it doesn’t photograph well.  I bought a small stack of fabrics and Lucas helped me pick out which ones to go together.  He is quite proud of himself of how this one turned out.  I have gotten plenty use out of this bag already, and a number of compliments each time I pull it out.  I will probably make more.  I have since bought a mat, ruler and rotary cutter so the next one should be much easier!  Jeni just recently posted a tutorial on how to make one with diagonal stripes on it.  I am trying to learn something new with each project, so it might be a good project to try paper piecing out on.

I really like to read blogs about sewing from vintage garment patterns and about quilting, so I’m not sure where this sewing bug will take me.  (Well, the machine has been dormant for at least a week already, so it might not be a real obsession…)  I will most likely go the quilting route, because I already have one hobby that frustrates me with having to make fitting garments.  I think I will finally give my library card some exercise and check out some quilting books.

I finished this bag in time for the Skein and Skein bag challenge, but didn’t finish my two other bags.  I have one more sewing project to show you sometime next week.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Maybe I’ll do some more sewing!



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4 responses to “Sewing FO!: Lined Drawstring Bag

  1. I really like the patterning on the yellow fabric. Thanks for linking to the tutorial- I have been looking for a knitting project bag and I think that’s the one I’m going to make!

  2. Lovely – great fabrics too! =D

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