FO: Handspun Scalene

This project seemed like it took forever!  I sometimes find garter stitch slow, but maybe just because it grows so slowly height-wise.  But done!

Handspun Scalene (public Ravelry page)

Pattern: Scalene by Carina Spencer

Yarn: My handspun yarn from Ashland Bay Merino in Sandalwood and Purple, maybe 4 oz of each.

Needles: US4

Start Date: August 27, 2012

Finish Date: October 6, 2012

Mods: None intentionally.  I used the purple as my “Color B” which means it is the color for the center section with the keyholes.  I ran out of that yarn a little bit early, and was one garter ridge short for that section.  And since I was out of purple, I wasn’t able to stripe the last section.  I used Sandalwood exclusively until I ran out, a little bit before the pattern was done.

Ultimately, I think my yarn was thicker than fingering weight ( I used the middle numbers for fingering weight), so my shawl ended up a fair amount bigger than the schematic.  Mine was something like 20″ x 60″.  Actually, the purple is probably thinner than fingering and the sandalwood is more beefy, maybe almost a DK.  Chalk it up to my early handspinning unevenness!  I think that I’m glad I was able to use Sandalwood on its own, because it loses some of its depth when striped with the purple.  Together the colors are a little more drab than I wanted, but I had been kind of obsessed with using these together.

One thing I would definitely do differently is to make sure my edges were loose.  On one side you are increasing on every row.  And carrying the unused yarn up along the side.  I tried to keep it loose, but was not totally successful.  Now it’s a little bit tight if I’m wrapping it around my shoulders.  I afterwards read a tip of adding a yo on the right side, and then dropping it on the wrong side to create some extra room.  I think that’s a pretty good idea.

And it is finally cooling down!  Maybe I’ll get some wear out of my sweaters and scarves!


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