Tasty Tuesday: Obama frosted cookies


I made some frosted sugar cookies in the shape of Obama’s logo to go with the Obammies. Those are the packages that are going out to the animators. (The video hit a million views yesterday and still climbing!)

I love baking and I love making cookies. But rolled and decorated cookies? Not my thing. I am totally a drop cookie kind of girl. But I had this idea to make these Obama cookies and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

I did some obsessive reading on The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle last week and got started with my own cookies. I used the basic sugar cookie recipe on Sugar Belle’s site. They taste pretty good, but I would recommend these sugar cookies. I’m pretty sure the last time I made them, I used real butter instead of shortening, but I can’t be sure. They were really easy to roll out. I had some trouble with Sugar Belle’s recipe being too soft and difficult to transfer to the baking sheets.

I was prepared to use Sugar Belle’s royal icing recipe but was on a limited time schedule and couldn’t get a hold of any meringue powder. (Actually, I waited outside of Surfas until it opened on Sunday and then they only had a giant bag of meringue powder for $12!) I used this royal icing recipe. Yes, it uses raw egg whites, but I didn’t get sick, so I guess they are safe to give them out!

A tutorial on piping and flooding the cookies with royal icing is here. I got pretty lazy about making up multiple consistencies of multiple colors, but it should be pretty easy to do these right. Here’s how I did mine:

I started with an outline of white:


I used a flood icing to fill in the white sections, then outlined the red:


I had to use a ton of red food coloring to get even close to red. Thankfully the color did seem to “develop” a bit and darken up. Then I finished up with the blue sections:


And ta-da! I bet they could look even nicer if I was better at frosting consistency and piping!


They are a little ragged if you look too close. But I am still thrilled with the results. I also finished these at 2am on Sunday night, so was just happy to be done!

I just now decided to google Obama frosted cookie and found some better versions. Maybe you’ll want to make your own for an election or debate party!


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  1. Yum! These look delicious and patriotic, Jill! Bring one of the Obammies to Fairview Knitters this Saturday so we can get a closer look!

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