Tiny Obama pattern

Today is the day!  I finally released the Tiny Obama pattern on Ravelry.  It is available as a free Ravelry download here.  Oh boy.  I made the mistake of starting a Ravelry pattern page for it early because I forgot that it would be immediately broadcast in the New Patterns section.  I just wanted to have a pattern page ready before I figured out how to do the free download.  I think someone posted it somewhere and it took off like crazy!  Which is exciting, yes, but it did stir up some controversy.

On the pattern page I had suggested that people could donate to the campaign if they liked the pattern.  In my mind, this wasn’t any different from people suggesting that you donate to some other charitable cause in lieu of payment.  And this was in no way a requirement, just a suggestion.  I guess this really made it a political issue and some people got really angry about it.  The funny thing is, I’m really not that political of a person.  Yes, I’m a strong Obama supporter, but I don’t debate people and I would never give anyone a hard time for having different views than me.  I ended up getting a few nasty comments.  One said that I was like the people that allowed Hitler to come to power.  This I don’t understand.  Goodness, it wasn’t a Mussolini doll!  I ended up taking down the campaign contribution suggestion because I was hearing that it made people feel uncomfortable.  Hopefully all unpleasantness is in the past.  Maybe someone will come up with a Romney doll as a rebuttal.

Here’s an idea of something to do with your Obammie:

You can put a pinback on his head and make him into a lapel pin.  You could also insert a magnet into his head and put him on your fridge.  You like my super political outfit for the photo shot?  I cheated a bit for this shot, and just used a large pin to pin him on instead of sewing on anything.

A couple people suggested that I send one to the White House.  I think I might just do this.  The main question is if I want to knit an 8th one!  Maybe it would go to the Obama Presidential Library one day!

Please keep any comments civil, if you don’t mind!  (You know, all of the 5 people that comment on this blog).  Also, this is the first pattern that I’ve ever really typed up.  If you are making an Obammie and notice any errors or have any questions, please contact me here or on Ravelry and I’ll try to straighten it out.  Thanks!



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3 responses to “Tiny Obama pattern

  1. I LOVE the Obammie! I’ll definitely knit one. Thanks for posting the FREE pattern, Jill!

  2. Angel

    I love your tiny Obama! I may have to knit myself one, so cute! Don’t worry about all those people who got angry. Some people can get their panties in a bunch even when they aren’t wearing any.

    • jborders


      Thank you for your comment! It is exciting to get my first pattern out there, though it is scary to get so much exposure!


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